The New Girl in Town is the 6th episode of Season 1. it aired on 22nd July 2017


Kate returns to the studio. Caitlin auditions for A-Troupe.


In Studio A, Michelle tells Caitlin that she will have to audition for the spot. Caitlin auditions and gets in.

Intro: Michelle, Caitlin and Samantha then Sophie and Will then Jessica and Jessie Then Cameron and Liam then Daniel and Kylie. The end pose Samantha, Cameron, Liam, Sophie, Caitlin, Michelle, Kylie, Daniel, Jessie, Jessica and Will.

Then Kate enters and asks Michelle into the office. Kate says "I hear that you are taking a new A-Troupe to regionals." Michelle says "me and Piper have got this, there is no need to worry." Kate says "caitlin is my youngest daughter and I need to make sure that she is ready for A-Troupe." Michelle says "I no idea that Caitlin was Kate's daughter."

Michelle tells caitlin that A-Troupe is a lot of work. A-Troupe starts rehearsing the finals routine without Daniel. Michelle pull aside Will and asks him where is Daniel. Then Daniel arrives. Daniel says my bus was running late so I ran here. Then Phil enters and says "I will have to do whatever I can to get onto the team even if Daniel doesn't like it."

In Neutral Grounds, Noah and Amanda are trying to figure out what they are going to do next about their chemistry. In Studio A, Daniel is dancing and then Phil enters. Daniel says "Phil is a B-Trouper not a A-Trouper and he is not taking by spot on A-Troupe." Phil says "Daniel thinks his spot is safe but does he know that I am coming for him." Kylie enters and says to Daniel we are now leaving for regionals.

A-Troupe arrives at regionals. Michelle heads to sign in The next Step. Then Piper says to Samantha that do is doing the solo. Samantha heads to the stage.


  • Amanda and Noah are dating again. Nomanda is back
  • Phil try's to take Daniel's spot.
  • Caitlin is the final member of A-Troupe.
  • Kate has two daughters.