Time For the qualifier is the 3rd episode of Season 1


A-Troupe competes at the regionals qualifier.


In Studio a, the small group is rehearsing for the qualifier. Kylie says to the dancers "we need to be in the top 16 otherwise we are not going to regionals."

Intro: Michelle, Amy and Piper then Kylie and Daniel then Cameron and Will then Jessica and Jessie Then Sophie and Liam then then Samantha and Rebecca. End pose is Rebecca, Samantha, Will, Cameron, Michelle, Piper, Amy, Kylie, Liam, Jessie, Jessica, Sophie and Daniel.

A-Troupe arrives at the qualifier. The judges are Noah, Jacquie and Ozzy. Michelle says that all the a-troupers are doing things they love. They announce that they are going first up against Steps. Steps in time goes first and score 97 points putting them at the top. Kylie and the other dancer are getting ready to go on. They perform and score 98 points making them the best team in regionals.

The judges announce the teams that are going to regionals. The Next Step Dance Academy, Steps, System of dance, JD dance studio, Elite dance academy, Steps in time dance Studio, Gemini dance studio, Dance inc and Dance Extreme. The running order the first is the winner of the qualifier.

A-Troupe returns to the studio. The others dancers celebrate their win at the qualifier. Piper suggests dancing together and letting loose ready for regionals. Michelle announces who is doing what a regionals. Michelle says "Kylie are dancing the solo. Samantha and Jessie you are dancing a duet, Cameron, Jessica and Will you are doing the trio." Michelle tells A-Troupe "we are going to beat the other teams." In the music room, Kylie is dancing. Kylie is a arco dancer and she says "I am have been dancing since I was three." Then Amy enters and says "you are amazing dancer and that is why you are the new dance captain."


  • The Next Step is going to regionals.
  • A-Troupe is trying to figure out what they want.