Everyone is a Dancer is the 2nd episode of sesason 1. This episode was aired on the 19th October 2017.


Riley returns to the studio with a new role. Michelle teaches the new members the function of A-Troupe. An Dancer is offed an spot on a familiar team.


In Studio A, Lola is Dance a solo in front of Miss Kate, Giselle and West. Lola says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Arco dancer) “in this audition I need to show them that I can get us to regionals.” Emily says (talking Heads. talking heads caption says Former A-Troupe Dancer.) “Lola is an great but she is up to the standard of an previous A-Troupe member.”

Intro : Michelle and Piper, Skye And Robbie, Frazer and Henry, Daniela and Issac, Zoe and Faith, Callum and Lola.

In Studio 1, Michelle and Piper are rehearsing a routine for regionals as they are the longest members of the team. Then Lola enters and she says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Former TNS East Dancer) “watching Michelle and Piper are incredible dancers, no wonder why they are dance captain.” In neutral Grounds, Heather is getting things ready for the opening party for the caffe. In Studio B, Cierra is rehearsing a solo. Cierra says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Jazz dancer) “I am happy to be on B-Troupe.”

In Neutral Grounds, Riley Meets Michelle. Riley says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Former Studio Head.) “A-Troupe needs my style and with me and David.” Michelle says (Talking Heads.) “Riley is Back and I cannot wait to show here what has changed at the studio.” Then David comes in. David says (talking heads. Talking heads caption says Riley’s boyfriend.) “being at the next Step is amazing.” Riley says “Michelle, I would like to meet David my boyfriend.” Michelle says “what happened to you and James.” Riley says “well, James as moved country to the U.K.“

In Studio A, Skye, Zoe and Daniela are dancing To Top Of the world. Zoe says (Talking Heads) “this team is amazing since they won Internationals.” In studio B, Cierra is packing up her stuff then Skylar enters. Cierra says “what are you doing here?” Skylar says “well, there is a spot on Gemini and since I am the dance captain I would like you to join.” Cierra says (Talking Heads) “if I take this place I feel I am letting the studio down.” Skylar says (Talking Heads. Talking heads caption says Gemini‘s Dance captain.) “Cierra didn’t mare the next step’s team. So I want her to come join Gemini since they have won Internationals.”

In Studio A, Emily announces the dance captain. Emily says “The Dance Captain i have chosen is Michelle.” Michelle says (Talking Heads. Taliking heads caption says Current Dance Captain.) “I am happy to be the dance captain again of A-Troupe since TNS East and West divided the studio it was up to me and Piper to re-join them together.” Emily also says “A-Troupe we are moving into Studio 1. (Talking Heads.) Studio 1 is a new space and since we are joined back together we can use it again.” In Studio 2, B-Troupe is waiting for Emily. B-Troupe contains Richelle, Amy, Kingston, Kylie, Rebecca, Luke, Ethan, Ozzy, Henry (from season 4) And Jordan. Hannah enters and says “I am re-starting TNS West to go up aganist Emily‘s team.” Amy, Richelle, Kingston, Jordan, Luke, Ozzy, Rebecca and Kylie join TNS West.


  • Skylar is the dance captain of Gemini Dance Studio
  • TNS West contains Amy, Richelle, Kingston, Jordan, Luke, Ozzy, Rebecca and Kylie .
  • TNS East Contains Lola, Michelle, Piper, Frazer, Faith, Henry, Daniela, Skye, Zoe, Robbie, Callum and Issac.
  • Hannah is the studio head of TNS West.