The old A-Troupe and some new hopefuls audition for the new A-Troupe and a shocking choice is made.


A-Troupe have come back from last years regionals, after such a poor performance not even getting past the third round. A-Troupe is dancing to Show the World. The dancers are Michelle, Riley, James, Eldon, Giselle, Emily, Alex and West. A-Troupe is not complete as 4 dancers left the studio to go on to bigger, better things.

The auditions begin. Kate reveals that she has brought her sister Phoebe to be the new head choreographer of the studio. Phoebe walks in and says that she is really excited to work with A-Troupe and help them win regionals.

Kate and Phoebe have been watching the dancers for 5 minutes when she calls James, Alex, West, Giselle, Henry, Amber, LaTroy, Brooklyn and Sally to the floor. She tells them they will not be auditioning today, but the would be more that happy to put them on their B-Troupe. With a lot of hindrance from them she tells them to get out. The auditions begin

The auditions are freestyle first it is Noah followed by Richelle, then Michelle, Piper, Amy, Lexi. Paige, Jacquie, Sloane, Eldon, Lola, Riley, Emily, Danielle, Samuel, Cameron, Taylor and Will. Miss Kate and Phoebe go into their office to discuss the 10 dancers that will be on the team. They are finally ready to do this.

The regionals team is Michelle, Emily, Richelle, Noah, Jacquie, Will, Samuel, Piper, Eldon and Paige

Miss Kate says on the competitive B-Troupe there is West, James, Amy, Alex, Amber, LaTroy, Sloane, Lola, Giselle, Henry and Alex. Riley is the leader of B-Troupe


  • A-Troupe at the moment is Michelle, Emily, Richelle, Noah, Paige, Piper, Samuel, Jacquie, Eldon and Will
  • The studio head and head choreographer of A-Troupe is Kate and Phoebe
  • B-Troupe consists of Giselle, Amy, Sloane, James, West, LaTroy, Alex, Henry, Amber and Lola
  • Paige and Piper are sisters
  • Riley is the leader of B-Troupe
  • Henry and Jacquie are dating
  • Riley and James are dating
  • Piper and Amy are best friends
  • Riley and Michelle are best friends
  • Emily and Giselle ar best friends
  • James, West and Eldon are best friends
Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!