The 5 person dance, trio and male solo take place at regionals and Michelle and Matt resume their love life.


The Next Step walking onto the regionals stage and all confess they are nervous but excited they all rave about it and enjoy it

Theme song

The male solo competition begins they go to register Eldon but the regionals people tell Kate to pick out the name out of the hat for the male freestyle round. Kate asks what this means and the regionals person says their is a male freestyle round and a choreographed female solo. Kate says she must of read it wrong. Kate chooses the name out of the had and it is Noah. Noah says he doesn't know if I can do this and he doesn't want to let the team down.

He is warming up in the wings shaking when Paige approaches him and asks him if he is alright, he says he is just so nervous and he doesn't want to let anyone down. Paige tells Noah he could never let anyone down at all. Paige tells Noah to dance for her and that she will be proud of him no matter what.

He is up against Dance Elite Noah dances amazing on stage to Oxygen and he wins to solo round. Miss Kate tells Cierra, Brooklyn, Paige, Piper and Jacquie to rehearse and get ready to perform the five person dance. The girls are ready and looking amazing and are ready to perform the perform their 5 person dance to Most Girls and are up against Dance Extreme. The win and advance to the trio round which is Emily, Sloane and Amy. They all tell Miss Kate they are ready to go. The trio is rehearsing when Sloane lands funny on her ankle Emily goes and gets Miss Kate. She tells Sloane that she will not be able to dance. Miss Kate says the only person she can replace her with is Michelle because she is the only one backstage with a lot of help from Amy and Emily. Michelle gets the choreo pretty quickly and is ready to perfom the dance to Tides and they win advancing them to the quartet round.