A-Troupe gets a sleek new look.


The auditions begin in studio A and everyone is nervous. First group is Amelia, Shelby, Cierra, Skylar, Michelle and Emily they all dance their heart out and they do really well. The second group is Noah, Paige, Richelle, Lexi, Lola, Amy . They also dance really well. The third group Eldon West, Samuel, Alex, Sloane, LaTroy, Brooklyn and Taylor. The fourth group is Cameron, Danielle, Amber, Piper, Matt, Max, Stephanie, Thalia.

Miss Kate and Phoebe go into their office to discuss the troupe. They come out and reveal that the new A-Troupe is Sloane, Paige, Noah, Amy, Matt, Michelle, Piper, West, Eldon, Brooklyn, Cierra and Emily

On B-Troupe competitive team which will compete in competition like trio competition their is Richelle, Samuel, LaTroy, Danielle, Max, Skylar, Lexi, Amelia, Shelby and Cameron.

Theme song is 10 minutes later than it usually is. Noah, Paige and Brooklyn, Piper and Michelle, Emily and Eldon, West and Amy, Cierra, Sloane and Matt, Lola. End pose is Eldon, West, Cierra, Sloane, Michelle, Brooklyn, Paige, Noah, Matt, Piper, Amy, Lola, Emily.

The new Troupe do a dance to Andras, but Jacquie walks in and asks where is Riley. They say that Rile lost the competition so she is no longer a studio head. Jacquie asks Miss Kate if she can audition. Miss Kate says auditions are closed. Jacquie said that she was made a fool out of and that Henry had made sure she looked stupid as payback for dumping him. Miss Kate tells her she won't be needing to audition as she has a guaranteed spot.

Michelle meets Matt in the rehearsal room (previously home to B-Troupe but they got a new space) to rehearse a solo she choreographed. Matt and Michelle talk and find out they have so much in common they perform a hip-hop/ ballet duet to Thorns and then Matt asks Michelle if she wants to go and see a movie she says no as she is getting over Hunter her ex boyfriend. Matt says ill be here waiting ready for you.

Miss Kate calls A-Troupe into Studio A to announce the regionals line up as they have to pick again as they have a new team their will be a duet, trio, male solo, female solo, quartet, five person dance, semi finals and a finals Amy comments that it has changed and Miss Kate says now 60 studios entering so their will be even more competition. She has announced the male solo will be Eldon, the female solo will be Paige, the duet will be Noah and Paige, trio will be Emily, Sloane and Amy, the quartet will be Michelle, Lola, Matt, West, and the five person dance will be Cierra, Brooklyn, Piper, Paige and Jacquie. Miss Kate reveals that the alternates are Cierra and West.

Cierra is crying in the rehearsal room and says I can't believe I have been made an alternate after how hard I work and my mom uses every bit of her money so me and Skylar can dance competitively. Sloane walks in and asks why she is crying. Cierra says because I am an alternate. Sloane says she was and alternate at her old studio and she got through it by making sure she could do all different kinds of dance styles not just one. Cierra and Sloane hugs and Cierra says she is glad she is friends with Sloane.

Jacquie walks in when Eldon is rehearsing his male solo for regionals and Jacquie helps him choreograph it Jacquie confesses she has always had a huge crush on Eldon and now since she has broken up with Henry she can ask him out.


  • Jacquie has returned
  • Cierra and Skylar are sisters
  • Michelle and Matt like each other
  • Sloane and Cierra are friends
  • West and Cierra are alternates
  • Jacquie likes Eldon
Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!