Riely returns to the next step asking for forgivness. Michelle and Matt go on their date.


Riley returns to the and starts performing to Flying and confesses she has made so many memories on this team and that she really regrets leaving and that she should of stayed and auditioned for the team. She starts crying real tears and saying this was her home these people were her family.

Theme song.

Riley approaches Miss Kate and asks her if her and James can audition for the team Miss Kate tells Riley their are no open spots avalible right now. But she can audition after regionals. Riley says it's unfair but I know Miss Kate is right and I would really like to be part of next years team and then she says to Miss Kate that her and James will definetly come to watch.

Michelle meets Matt in TNS Juice and they both are dressed in nice clothes they begin their date. Matt start asking really weird questions about Michelle like how old was she when her first tooth came out, when did her first pet die and when did she last brush her teeth. Michelle confesses this is a really weird date.

Meanwhile Riley meets Paige in TNS Juice and asks her for the worst dancers in the team. Paige says their is only one dancers who is not as great as the others is Sloane. Paige doesn't want to answer, but Riley said if she did she would tell her a secret about Noah. Paige finally slips up and says Sloane. Riley says that she is going to replace Sloane right before regionals. When Paige asks for the secret about Noah she says he really loves you.Paige says Riley is a con and she will never be on this team again not while I'm around. Secretly Paige recorded the whole conversation and will be showing Miss Kate it as soon as she can go. Riley tells Paige that she can go Paige runs away and shows Miss Kate. She says that Riley is trying to replace Sloane and Miss Kate goes up to Riley and says she must be gone. Riley says this is the end for her The Next Step will never see Riley again.

Meanwhile after the date Michelle tells Matt she can't go out with him anymore because she is not wanting a relationship but secretly she is not into Matt at all anymore.

The team rehearse their finals dance to Unsinkable.

Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!