A-Troupe and B-Troupe battle in the pre regionals competition.


B-Troupe are rehearsing on stage at the competition when A-Troupe walk in and do a flawless dance and Amy confesses that she thinks that they are better than A-Troupe and that they are better than them. Riley is feeling really confident about their chances and asis Miss Kate what she is doing here and she says they are here for the pre regionals competition. Miss Kate asks Riley the same question she says she is here for the same reason that Miss Kate is here for.

Before the competition West and Amy get locked in a comstume closet together and they end up falling on top of each other and kissing West asks Amy out on a date and she says yes.

Theme song

The first team to dance is Steps they dance amazingly and are their biggest rivals. Then B-Troupe competes Miss Kate confesses they are doing amazingly and she will definitely reconsider A-Troupe after this competition. Then Gemini dances they dance pretty poorly and get mocked afterwards for it and Michelle says that who they were competing against last year and they won they have gone down big time. Then Elite performs they are strong but go no acro so it isn't that great of a performance. Then A-Troupe go on they are amazing they dance flawless and win the competition

Miss Kate tells Riley that she is definitely going to consider letting the B-Troupers go in with the A-Troupers Riley says that's great and Miss Kate and Riley hug and says that The Next a step is unstoppable. The team returns to the studio and reveals it is all about to change


  • The team will be reauditioning
  • West and Amy are dating