West isn't an alternate anymore but who is. All the dancers prepare for regionals with a party and Matt and Brookyn hang out again as best friends.


The team are dancing their semi finals routine to Empire and Michelle confesses it is one of the best routines the next step has every choreographed, Jacquie confesses that she is nervous for regionals, but is even more nervous as Henry will be their with his new team and it will be so awkward. Noah confesses that his relationship with Paige couldn't be going better and that they have been on a couple of dates and he is loving it. Cierra and West confess from the sidelines that they are annoyed they don't get to dance with their team and Sloane confesses she is finding it hard to pick up choreograph.

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Kate asks Sloane if she is finding it hard to pick up the choreography. Sloane says she has to be honest with Kate she says yes. Kate says that is why I am now making you an alternate for regionals. Sloane asks Kate who she is being replaced with she says West because he is hard working and determinated. He is also great at picking up choreography fast. Kate goes up to West and tells him the news he is over the moon but asks who is he replacing Kate says Sloane and West says he could never do that to Sloane. So he tells Miss Kate to find another dancer to be an member. Kate goes to ask Cierra if she wants to be a featured dancer for regionals. Cierra is so happy she doesn't ever think to ask who she is replacing.

A-Troupe perform their Semi finals routine again with Cierra. Sloane sees Cierra has filled her spot. Cierra tries to apologise but Sloane tells Cierra their friendship is over. Cierra starts crying and Sloane tells her to grow up and that she was a horrible to her and that she deserves nothing.

Meanwhile Brooklyn and Matt are in the reheareal room hanging out like they used to Brooklyn says it's good to hang out with Matt again they talk about dance and the date with Michelle. When Matt tells Brooklyn all the details she bursts out laughing because of how weird it was.

Kate calls everyone in to Studio A and their is a party set up by B-Troupe they all start dancing to Sanrio. Richelle confesses even though she is not in the regionals team she is so happy that her friends are in the team and she thinks they have a great shot at winning.

Kate gets an email from the regionals board that now says that you only need 10 dancers and 4 alternates. Miss Kate tells eveyone and they are shocked she says the 2 dancers she has decided will be alternates are Cierra and Brooklyn. Kate says they will need to rework the spacing to both main dances.

A-Troupes 10 competing dancers dance to both routines saying they think they are really ready and that they can take any team on.


  • Brooklyn and Matt are best friends
  • Sloane and Cierra are no longer best friends
  • Sloane is now and alternate
  • Brooklyn is now an alternate
  • Their is only 10 dancers needed for regionals.