The competition preparations begin.


Eldon and Amy are dancing to a song called Fireflames. LaTroy walks in and says Amy is dancing beautifully and that she is an asset and a great dance captain to the team.

The theme song is Noah and Paige, Michelle and Richelle , Piper and Lola, Emily and Matt, Max and Samuel. The end pose is Emily, Richelle, Lola, Piper, Michelle, Noah, Eldon, Amy, Alex, Lexi, West.

Riley finds Brooklyn sitting alone because all of B-Troupe has left her Riley offers her a spot on the team she immediately take it and said this is the best she feels in a long time and that she has worked so hard to get to the place she is at now. Meanwhile Kate phones up Max and old dancer that she knew and asks him if he would like to join A-Troupe he said yes and that it will be a great opportunity to redeem himself from a poor performance a couple years back.

Rilet tells B-Troupe to get ready for the 6 person dance competition and that they will be competitive against some really good studios and that they will have to bring their A game.

Max arrives at the studio and says it's great to be back and he will be happy to see some familiar faces. Michelle greats him with a warm hup and says it's great to see you again. Michelle introduces him to the team they all think his is an amazing dancer and that he deserves the last spot.

Meanwhile B-Troupe rehearse their small group dance and then A-Troupe does the same. Then A-Troupe starts dancing and Piper says we are going to thrash this competition into a million pieces.


  • A-Troupe consists of Noah, Paige, Piper, Michelle, Max, Emily, Amber, Samuel, Richelle and Lola
  • B-Troupe consists of Amy, Eldon, West, Brooklyn, Taylor, Danielle, James, Alex, Lexi, Sloane and LaTroy. Again some changes have been made without showing in the script.
  • Both teams are now full
  • The competition is now in 1 week away.