Amy and Michelle have fun in TNS Juice and make a joke of themselves and Jacquie and Lola compete over a spot in a masterclass with Luther Brown. Meanwhile Kate picks a dance captain.


Jacquie and Lola are warming up for rehearsal when Paige goes to talk to Lola about if she wants to do a masterclass with Luther Brown because she can't because she has a date with Noah. Lola says yes but Jacquie overhears the conversation and asks Paige why she didn't choose her Paige said she didn't think she would want to since she is already great at hip-hop. Jacquie tells her flattering gets you nowhere. Paige tells them they can battle over it. They say ok

Theme song Noah and Paige, Michelle and Matt, Brooklyn and Lola, Eldon and Jacquie, West and Amy, Piper and Emily, Sloane and Cierra. The end pose is Eldon, Jacquie, Lola, West, Amy, Matt , Michelle, Paige, Noah, Sloane, Cierra, Piper, Emily, Brooklyn.

Kate calls all of A-Troupe into Studio A and asks who wants to be dance captain? The people who want to are Paige, Emily, Brooklyn and Amy. They all have to choreograph a duet. Paige has Michelle and Noah, Emily has Matt and Piper, Brooklyn has Eldon and Lola and Amy has Sloane and West. Lola says to Jacquie that she can go o the masterclass because she will be rehearsing when it is on Jacquie hugs Lola and says thanks. In rehearsal Amy is getting really mad with Sloane and West as they are hip-hop dancers and not lyrical dancers like she is she ends up,losing her patience when Kate comes in and Kate says she can't audition to be dance captain as she's does not have the right temper. In Paige's rehearsal Noah and Michelle are doing great no criticism at all. Meanwhile in The mill and Brooklyn's session things are also going great.

The dance captain auditions begin and first up is Michelle and Noah, then Piper and Matt and then Eldon and Lola. Miss Kate says their are two winners Emily and Paige so they will have a dance off. They have a dance off and Emily is doing amazing, but then when Paige hits the floor everyone is blown away to how amazing she is they knew she was amazing but not this amazing. Amy and Michelle meet at TNS Juice and start making fools of themselves Michelle says she can see a friendship with Amy since they have so much in common.

Everyone now rehearses their regionals dances. Paige says The Next Step is gonna shake regionals up . Michelle says the teams won't know what's hit them. After that Michelle goes to see Matt. Matt asks Michelle out on a date before regionals. Michelle says yes.


  • Michelle and Amy are now friends
  • Paige is now the dance captain
Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!