Jacquie breaks up with Henry and Paige and Noah get closer.


Jacquie is walking into Studio A and she says this is the hardest thing I will ever have to do but I need to do it. She approaches Henry and tells him that they need to break up as she is moving to Florida to go to a professional dance school. Henry says no ill come with you I'll dance their too, I have always lived you we have been going out for 5 years don't do this.

Jacquie says I don't wat to do this because Henry will hate me but I need to help him and his heartache. Jacquie tells him to shut up that she never loved him he was just desperate and she felts sorry for him she tells him to move on. Henry start crying. Henry tells Miss Kate he is leaving and going to work with Luther Brown but really he is so sad he can't do anything.

Theme song but instead of Eldon it is Giselle

Miss Kate contacts Amy and says their is two open spots avalible does she want one .Amy says yes and she would love too. Giselle approaches Miss Kate and tells her that she is going to dance with a worldwide dance as she feels like an underachiver here. Will also tells Miss Kate that he is leaving as he has an opportunity to dance in England at the internationals champions studio. Miss Kate says that she will miss him very much.

Miss Kate puts the word out to all the studios. But Amber from B-Troupe comes in and asks if she can audition. Meanwhile Emily is doing a terrible job as dance captain so Riley demotes her and she is fuming so she approaches Miss Kate to see if she can audition. Miss Kate says yes and a guy called Matt auditions. Emily and Matt get the spots and Amber has to go back to B-Troupe.

Miss Kate says at regionals their will be a male solo, female solo, small group, duet, trio, semi finals and finals round. Riley has found she has lost some of the team so she invites Taylor to the studio apologises and Taylor rejoins B-Troupe. Miss Kate has chosen Paige for female solo, Noah for the male solo, Michelle, Emily and Piper for the trio, Amber, Richelle, Samuel, Richelle and the last spot For the small group and Noah and Paige for the duet. Kate asks Noah and Paige to go into the rehearsal room to get the costumes but the door locks and they get stuck they realias how much they have in common they kiss and they are now officially dating.

Meanwhile Michelle meets Riley in the new juice bar TNS Juice and Riley tells Michelle they are no longer friends as Riley is now longer part of the team. Michelle runs of crying. Miss Kate is sent an email about a early competition before regionals and if you win you get to skip the small group round and move on to duets.

Kate gathers A-Troupe and tells them about the competition and it will require a 6 person dance. Kate chooses Noah, Paige, Piper, Michelle, Matt and Lola. Miss Kate tells the rest of the dancers do not get a spot. Will is fuming when he finds out he is not representing A-Troupe so he leaves the studio.

Riley finds out and puts B-Troupe forward for the 6 person dance competition she chooses West, Eldon, Amy, James, Taylor and Sloane. Riley says she is not going to regionals but this should be fun.


  • B-Troupe consists of West, Cameron, James, Eldon, Sloane, LaTroy, Amy, Amber, Lexi, Danielle,Taylor and Alex. As some people have joined from the studio.
  • A-Troupe consists of Paige, Michelle, Emily, Piper, Richelle, Noah, Matt, Samuel and Lola
  • Paige and Noah are officially dating.
  • Henry and Jacquie are broken up .
  • Henry, Jacquie, Will and Giselle have left The Next Step for good .
  • Emily has left B-Troupe to join A-Troupe.
  • Michelle and Riley are no longer friends.