The female solo, quartet and duet rounds start with a shocking twist in the quartet round ill the next step be able to pull it together for the duet round?


Michelle, Matt, Lola and West are rehearsing their quartet on the stage because they booked the stage then Elite Dance Academys team comes on and tells them their times up and Henry is mocking Michelle and making fun of her when, Matt defends her by punching him in the face. Because a member of the regionals board was watching the fight both Henry and Matt are now disqualifie.

Theme song.

Kate asked what happened and then Matt tells her exactly what happened. Kate replaces Matt with Noah and they are ready to rock. They step out on stage raring to go when they start playing different music and then they realise this is the choose the music round like at internationals. Even though they are thrown of a little they dance brilliantly agains CDC and win. They are moving on the duets.

Noah and Paige are rehearsing their duet in the wings before they go on stage. Paige confesse she is really nervous because if they don't win they won't go to female solos. Noah asks Paige why she is so distracted Paige says she is just nervous. Noah tells her not to be then brings her in for a kiss then they hug. They walk on stage they dance to The Hard Way. They are against Gemini and didn't know how good they are but they continue dancing the best they have ever danced in their lives. They win and Noah and Paige kiss each other on stage as they are moving on to the solo round. Though Paige confesses she is nervous for her solo.

Paige is rehearsing her solo and is doing amazing. Michelle says how far we have come since last regionals. Paige agrees and says this in our team and our year nothing can stop us. Paige is approaching the stage when Noah wishes her good luck with a kiss. Paige feels more confident then ever she dances to Jesty does acro tricks, hip hop and contempary the hosts says this is the best dance they have ever seen from anyone ever at regionals. They are up against Confidance and Paige wins by a mile. Noah congratulates her with a kiss. They are moving on to the semi fInals.


  • The next step are moving on to the semi finals.
  • Matt and Henry are disqualified
  • Paige is the best dancer the hosts have eve seen