The Next Step competes against in the semi finals and the finals.


The Next Step is rehearsing their routine for the semi finals with West replacing Matt they are good to go. Their dance to Empire is amazing and they have a really good shot at getting to the finals with this routine. Meanwhile Michelle is really nervous and since Matt and Michelle are cool now Matt tells Michelle if she does well he will have a surprise for her. Michelle agrees and they hug. Miss Kate tells them that they need to get their costumes on.

Theme song

The Next Step go onto the stage and dance to Empire for their semi finals dance against Toronto School of Dance. They are doing amazing but West stumbles and hurts his knee. The other team are also doing amazing with no stumblesit could go either way. The judges say the winner is The Next Step. They are going to the finals against the raining champions Elite Dance Academy. The doctor says West will not be able to dance in the finals. Miss Kate has to choose Cierra or Brooklyn. Miss Kate says since the dance is contempary she will be choosing Cierra to dance. Cierra is excited but really nervous.

TNS are rehearsing their dance and it looks amazing even with the changes they have had to make for Cierra it still looks amazing. The Next Step say they are ready to take home the trophy.

The Next Step are in the wings ready to perform when Elite come up to them and ask them if they are performing in a children's pagent. Emily says no but your definitely must be dancing with the clown school. The walk away. Elite goes on stage first. They kill it but they are definitely beat able the judges say. The Next Step hits the stage and they are dancing to unsinkable. Michelle confesses that everything leading up to this moment has been worth it. Paige says this year has been great for her. Emily says she has had fun this year and it has been an emotional rollercoaster. Eldon says that this team is where he belongs. Amy says she is dancing her heart out and she hopes it is enough. Piper says this is her team and her home their is no other place she would want to be. Cierra says she was an alternate and now she is dancing in the regionals finals this is a dream come true.

The curtains come up. The hosts says the winner of regionals is The Next Step. The Next Step celebrates and is so happy.

It's two weeks later and The Next Step are dancing to Smile at the End of the World and one by one people leave. First West, then Sloane, then Matt and then Alex. A-Troupe is left with nearly half the team gone. What happens next?


  • The Next Step won regionals
  • Alex, Sloane, West and Matt have left the studio