Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!


Kate realises that she has been to hard on the Hip-Hop and Acro dancers and give them a chance.


Eldon is in Miss Kate's office and tells her that he is leaving to join B-Troupe as he wants to be with his best friends and that he thinks if all the other great dancers are cut then maybe he should be too. Miss Kate says fine but she also has a change of heart she lets the people who got cut audition again for the spot.

The theme song is Noah and Paige, Michelle and Piper, Richelle and Emily, Jacquie and Eldon and Samuel and Will. The end pose is Eldon, Piper, Samuel, Michelle, Paige, Noah, Jacquie, Richelle and Emily.

Amy, Henry, Lola and Giselle audition, Then Emily says that she leaving because Riley is really mad with her for making A-Trouoe when she didn't and that she wants Riley to forgive her. So their is now an two spots avalible they go to Henry and Giselle.

Amy is devestated that she didn't make the team, because she has no friends in B-Troupe and she feels so alone. Riley comes in and feels sorry for Amy so she makes her dance captain of B-Troupe. Phoebe tells Kate they need to get a dance captain. Richelle, Giselle, Paige and Lola audition to be dance captain. Kate quizzez them on their fellow team mates and Paige blows everyone's minds away by winning the first round. Then they all give speeches and Paige says how much she has done in such little time and she would be honored to be the dance captain. Kate and Phoebe go and talk about it and then they ask for a dance off they all dance but Paige is the best. Kate says the decision is obvious the new dance captain is Paige. Paige is estatic, she is so happy.

Riley presents the new dance captain and Emily is not happy she thinks she should be dance captain and Emily asks Riley why she chose Amy instead of her Riley says because she felt sorry for her Emily tells her that you can't just give her dance captain she has to have the skills Emily offers to be co captains with her Riley says yes. Riley tells the team that Emily and Amy are joint captains.


  • The New A-Troupe is Michelle, Paige, Piper, Henry, Samuel, Giselle, Jacquie, Noah, Richelle and Will
  • The new B-Troupe is Emily, Eldon. West, James, LaTroy, Sloane, Alex, Amber, Amy, Lola and Lexi
  • Amy and Emily are the dance captains of B-Troupe
  • Paige is the new dance captain of A-Troupe
  • Paige is the best dancer on A-Troupe
  • Taylor was cut from TNS R