Changes is the 1st episode of Season 2.


A-Troupe returns to the studio. Michelle holds auditions for A-Troupe.


A-Troupe starts dancing to Ain't been done. Kylie says "I can't wait to go to nationals. I am the Dance captain of A-Troupe." Samantha says "Sophie and Will has left the studio after our team won regionals." Then a new dancer arrives at the studio

Intro:Michelle, Kylie and Samantha then Robbie and Elizabeth then Liam and Cooper then Rebecca and Reece then Caitlin and Cameron then Jessie and Jessica. The end pose is Caitlin, Cameron, Jessie, Jessica, Liam, Cooper, Michelle, Robbie, Samantha, Elizabeth, Kylie, Rebecca and Reece.

In Studio A, A-Troupe auditionees are starting to arrive. Robbie says "I am new to the studio and I need to be on A-Troupe since my family moved from England." Michelle says that there are 12 spots on A-Troupe. Caitlin says "I know Robbie from my old studio and he is amazing since he was Dance captain of Oxford Dance Academy." Michelle welcomes Trevor to the studio.

In Studio A, Michelle says "in group one we have Trevor, Samantha, Kylie, Robbie, Reece and Rebecca." Reece goes first and He is a breakdancer. Then Rebecca goes. Michelle tells the dancers about the next group. Group Two is Elizabeth, Cooper, Jessie, Jessica, Cameron, Liam, Matthew and Caitlin, Tamica. They all perform. Robbie says to Rebecca "I can't believe how hard going to nationals."

In Michelle office, Michelle and Emily are choosing who should be part of A-Troupe. Michelle and Emily leave the office. Michelle says "the members of A-Troupe are Trevor, Kylie, Robbie, Rebecca, Reece, Samantha, Cooper, Caitlin, Cameron, Jessica and Elizabeth." Emily announces that she is becoming the new head choreographer. Emily says "West left the studio to start his own studio." In Studio A, Michelle says "the new dance captains are Elizabeth and Kylie." Michelle says to Robbie that he will be the assistant captain of A-Troupe. A-Troupe starts rehearsing a routine for nationals. Meanwhile in West's new studio he starts holding auditions for his troupe called steps. Sophie and Will arrive at the studio hoping to audition. West makes Sophie dance captain of Steps.

In Studio a, Michelle invites Noah, Amanda, Riley and James to celebrate the win at regionals with the new A-Troupe. Then Kate arrives and says that she is moving A-Troupe into Studio 1. Emily says "this reminds me of Old times and I can't wait for next chapter to begin."


  • A-Troupe is Trevor, Kylie, Robbie, Rebecca, Reece, Samantha, Cooper, Caitlin, Cameron, Jessica, Elizabeth and Tamica.
  • Dance captains are Kylie and Elizabeth. Robbie is assistant captain.
  • Emily is the new head choreographer.
  • Robbie, Caitlin and Cooper are former members of Oxford Dance Academy.
  • Sophie and Will are no longer part of TNS.
  • Sophie and Will are now part of steps
  • Sophie is Dance captain of Steps.