Noah focus on the trio rather than the small group. Michelle and Cameron develop a new relationship. Miss Kate decides to put A-Troupe in a small competition with trios.


Miss Kate gathers A-Troupe and tells them that there is an upcoming trio competition and she wants Paige, Richelle and Noah to do it because they have amazing chemistry. Noah asks Miss Kate if he can drop out of the trio she says yes but he is making a huge mistake just because he is heartbroken he is turning down great opportunies and he says it's harder than she thinks it would be and she says it's not when I was in A-Troupe my boyfriend broke up with my when he cheated on me with another girl but you will get passes if it will get better.

Theme song- Paige and Richelle, Mavis and Michelle, Noah and Myles, Aaron and Piper, Amy and Jacquie, Heather and Shelby, Cameron and Sofia. The end pose is Myles, Cameron, Piper, Amy, Jacquie, Richelle, Paige, Noah, Aaron, Jacquie, Heather, Shelby, Sofia, Mavis.

Aaron asks Paige if their any possible chance of them getting back together she says not in a million years. He says the only reason he came here was to get back with Paige now he can't do that he can't she a future for much longer at the next step. Michelle and Amy are in Dancer Junction just talking and Amy reveals she kind of likes Cameron. Michelle says no way that's unexpected. Michelle says she just wants to focus on dancing this year not boys like last year. Amy agrees and says that's a great idea. Piper then walks in and Michelle tells Amy that Piper needs a lot of work on her acro skills and would she be able to help her get better because it would make all our dances that much better.

Noah, Paige and Richelle are rehearsing their trio when Noah lifts Paige up and then drops her. Paige asks Noah why he did that he says nothing. Richelle says yeah Noah why did you do that he walks out the room. Paige says Noah is so selfish he doesn't really need to be on our trio because it is obvious we are going to lose with Noah on this trio. Paige and Richelle go to see Miss Kate about Noah and tell her all the things that he is doing that is wrecking their duet. He is dropping me whilst he is lifting me. He never listens. He arrives Kate and leaves early. Miss Kate comfronts Noah about this. Noah says he will try and do better. Aaron tells Miss Kate he is leaving the studio to go and look for his long lost sister he has always wanted to do it and the next step has shown him he can do anything if he puts his mind to it. Miss Kate says they will miss him very much. Miss Kate tells everyone in A-Troupe that Aaron has left the studio. Noah says yes he is no longer a threat to me anymore and maybe I can finally get back with Paige. Paige says oh no Aaron's gone really sarcastically then smiles. Miss Kate says in the duet she will be reholding auditions. For the male solo she will also be holding auditions. The auditions for the duet begin. Myles and Michelle audition as well as Cameron and Richelle and Noah and Paige. Noah and Paige says they want to dance together and their duet will be amazing. The winner is Noah and Paige. The auditionees for the solo is Myles, Noah and Cameron. The winner is Noah.

Miss Kate also tells A-Troupe that they cant audition anymore dancers as they have already put their names down and sent them to the Nationals board.


  • Noah and Paige have the duet again.
  • Noah has the male solo.
  • Aaron has left the studio.
  • Amy likes Cameron.
  • The team only has 13 dancers so if they lose one more dancer they won't have any alternates with means they can't compete.
Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!