The male solo and female solo auditions begin. Aaron quickly creates drama amongst the team.


Noah is rehearsing his audition piece for the male solo when Aaron walks in. Noah wants to know what Aaron wants. When he finishes dancing. Aaron says Noah's dancing is good but not as good as his. Noah asks Aaron if he won the regionals solo. Aaron says he is Mr National Solo. Aaron asks if Noah is he says no. Aaron says I didn't have think so. Noah says Aaron threatens everything for me especially Paige. I love her and she loves me no one can change that.

Theme song

Miss Kate gets an email from the Nationals Board saying that you need 12 competing dancers and 2 alternates. Miss Kate says she assumed it would be like regionals but she was wrong. Miss Kate says she will audition members for the team.

Miss Kate gathers the B-Troupers and tells them that they can audition for 2 spots on the nationals team the auditionees are Ozzy, Piper, Eldon, Emily, Aaron, Samuel, Kingston and Lauren. In that order. Piper has surprised everyone that she can now do some acro tricks and as he says Aaron is dancing incredible. Noah says that he willl never get in. Miss Kate, China and Paige go to choose the two dancers to be on A-Troupe. They come out saying the two new members of A-Troupe are Piper and Paige will be deciding the other one. Paige says all the dancers are incredible but she thinks that the best fit for their team is Aaron. Noah says this can't be happening he can't be on A-Troupe he is going to take away everything i have worked for and Paige.

Kate says that she will be having female solo auditions, trio auditions and male solo auditions. The auditionees for the female solo are Richelle, Michelle, Paige, Amy, Piper, Sofia and Shelby. Miss Kate chooses Michelle for the female solo. Michelle is really happy. Paige congratules her with a hug. The auditionees for the male solo are Noah and Aaron. Miss Kate picks Aaron for the solo. Noah is really upset but Paige hugs Noah saying he should of got the solo because he was way better. Noah she he loves her. Paige says I love you too. The auditions for the trio are Noah, Paige and Mavis, Richelle, Heather and Cameron, Aaron, Amy and Piper. The winning trio is Noah, Cameron and Piper.Miss Kate says there will be a mystery round where you have to have a small group with 2-7 people and she has chosen Jacquie, Aaron, Myles, Heather, Shelby and Sofia. Heather says she is excited that she will be dancing in the mystery round she just hopes it is not too hard.


  • The full team is Noah, Paige, Michelle, Aaron, Cameron, Heather, Richelle, Myles, Piper, Amy, Sofia, Shelby, Mavis and Jacquie.