Paige and Amy find a secret out about Heather. Piper and Michelle get a surprise. But who is it from?


Heather is in dancer Junction but she is in with a strange man when Paige looks over she tells Amy that it is Lucien from Elite dance studio the one we beat at regionals the one that went to another nationals and won. Amy says Heather must be undercover trying to take down Elite but Paige says no she's undercover to take down the next step.

Theme song

Miss Kate tells everyone that The Next Step is closing for rebuilding and the studio will be closed for a little bit. She will be reselecting members of A-Troupe. Miss Kate also tells Heather she is kicked out of the next step as Amy told her what was going on. They are not happy about having to leave to rejoin A-Troupe and Jacquie, Cameron, Sofia and Myles decide to leave the next step to move on to better things.

Everyone gets their things when Paige and Noah are the last oens in their they talk about things and then they kiss they walk out the studio then the lights turn off.


  • This is the last episode of the season
  • Noah and Paige have kissed
  • Myles, Jacquie, Cameron and Sofia have left the studio
  • Heather got kicked out
Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!