Emily asks Eldon out. Myles and Heather kiss. Kate picks the duets and quintets.


Emily takes Eldon outside the studio and says that they should start dating Eldon says he would really like that Emily tells Eldon to meet her at Dancer Junction at 4. He says that he will. Eldon confesses this is his first date and he hopes it has a happy ending.

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A-Troupe is dancing in Studio A and Myles and Heather feel really left out with the team so they go to hang out in the rehearsal room. They talk about dance and life. They really click and then they kiss. Then Heather walks out the room and says that can never happen again. If her parents knew that she had kissed someone they would pull her from the studio because they are very strict about boys and she can't have them till she is a professional dancer because they would distract her.

Miss Kate rounds The A-Troupers up and says that in regionals you need a duet and a quIntent. Who wants to do it. Everyone nominates Noah and Paige as they have great chemistry and they won regionals with that duet. Then they kiss. Kate puts the list for sign up sheets for the quintet the people who are auditioning are Paige, Mavis, Amy, Richelle, Michelle and Jacquie, Heather, Noah, Myles and Cameron. They both dance amazingly but the winner is Paige, Mavis, Amy, Richelle and Michelle. Heather says it isn't fair that she might not be a featured dancer at regionals

A guy called Aaron arrives at the studio. He says he is looking for Paige. Richelle takes him to Paige. Paige asks what he is doing here he says he came to see her. Paige says that Aaron is her ex boyfriend. Noah can't know about this. Richelle tells Paige that is to late and Noah walks in.


  • Emily and Eldon are dating
  • Heather and Myles kissed
  • Aaron has arrived and he is Paige's ex
Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

This fanfiction is currently incomplete, meaning that not all chapters have been released. Hopefully, the author will update it soon!