Dance captain and alternate auditions begin. Miss Kate and China have some tough desicions make.


Michelle and Paige are in Dancer Juncition when Emily approaches them it is a little bit awkward as they are on A-Troupe and she is not. Emily asks how it is and they say it is fantastic the new members are really nice but it is not the same as they old team. Emily agrees, but she says it is really good on B-Troupe they are already competing in small competitions. Michelle says that's great and tells Paige that they should probably get to rehearsals.

The theme song is Paige and Mavis then Noah and Cameron then Richelle and Michelle then Myles and Amy then Shelby and Sofia then Heather and Jacquie. The end pose is Richelle, Amy, Sofia Michelle, Mavis, Paige, Noah, Cameron, Heather, Shelby, Jacquie, Myles.

Miss Kate tells the A-Troupers that they will have to audition in order not to become an alternate and then after audition she will hold dance captain auditions. First is Michelle, then Mavis, Jacquie, Shelby, Sofia, Paige, Cameron, Heather, Piper, Amy, Noah and Richelle. Miss Kate says she will go into her office and discuss with China who the alternates will be. They come out and says that the alternates are Myles and Heather. Myles says he understands because he can only do ballet and contempary he can't do hip hop. Heather says she understands why she is an alternate.

Miss Kate asks who wants to be dance captain. The people who do are Paige, Richelle and Heather. They each have a dance off and Paige wins she is the dance captain this year. Meanwhile China tells B-Troupe that they can audition for A-Troupe to make the nationals team. The people who auditions are Piper, Lola, Brooklyn, LaTroy, Max, Lauren, Emily, Eldon and Ozzy.

Miss Kate gets an email from the nationals board saying you need 10 dancers for competing and 2 alternates so Miss Kate tells the team this information. She also reveals that for nationals you will need a solo round, a duet, a trio, a quartet, a 5 person dance, a 8 person dance, a semi finals dance and a finals dance.


  • The New A-Troupe is Paige, Noah, Richelle, Myles, Cameron, Amy, Piper, Heather, Mavis, Sofia, Shelby, Michelle and Jacquie
  • Paige is the dance captain
Robot amy talking heads "Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission."

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