Piper and Heather talk in Dancer Junction. The audition for the rest of the nationals dances begin.


Miss Kate is talking to the dancers and says that she still needs to audition people for the 8 person dance, 4 person dance, and a new twist 13 person dance. For the 13 person dance she has chosen Piper to not be in at because it will be acro focused. Piper says she is a bit upset as she has worked really hard on her acro training but it must not of been good enough.

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Paige, Mavis and Noah, Aaron and Amy, Michelle and Sofia, Jacquie and Shelby, Richelle and Cameron, Myles and Heather, Piper. The end pose is Michelle, Richelle, Amy, Piper, Sofia, Cameron, Noah, Paige, Mavis, Jacquie, Shelby, Myles, Heather and Aaron.

Miss Kate asks A-Troupe who wants to audition for the quartets and she will put you in to group. In one group there is Paige, Aaron, Noah, Myles. In another group we have Mavis, Piper, Heather and Michelle. In another group their is Richelle, Sofia, Shelby and Cameron. So she then asks them to prepare for the auditions. Noah asks if he can switch groups because he doesn't want to work with Aaron. Kate tells,him that's just what great dancers do. Noah says fine but he won't like it. He then walks out the office. Mavis, Heather, Piper and Michelle are rehearsing and Mavis suggests that they put in a tumbling section. So everyone agrees except Piper and they put it in the routine. Richelles group rehearsal is going great except Shelby and Cameron are goofing around like toddlers. Richelle tells them to focus or they will be replaced.

The auditions for the 4 person dance begins Paige's group go first and it is a mess afterwards Kate asks why it's so messy and Paige says because Noah wouldn't work with Aaron. Richelle's group goes Next and Richelle and Amy look great but Cameron and Shelby spent so much time golfing around that they didn't really know the choreo. Piper's group go next . Most of it is a mess on Pipers side as she can't do the acro but she actually tells of the girls for putting something in the piece that one of them can't do. She says she is very disappointed with the groups. Miss Kate says for the quartet she has chosen Richelle, Amy, Piper and Paige. She says that she excluded all the dancers that had an impact in the badness of the dancing which were Noah, Aaron, Mavis, Jacquie, Heather, Cameron, Shelby and Michelle and she chose out of all the other dancers.

Miss Kate tells the dancers that she wants you to do the 8 person dance audition in quartet but this time you can pick your group. Noah is really mad with Paige and tells her that he doesn't want anything do do with her. The groups are Jacquie, Mavis, Richelle and Paige and Michelle, Amy, Sofia, Heather and Cameron, Myles, Aaron and Piper.The dancers without a quartet are Noah and Shelby Miss Kate asks them to dance it as a duet as she wants everyone to be included. The auditions go as Jacquie group, Pipers group, Noah's duet and Michelle's group. Noah's duet is so emotional afterwards Paige says shes annoyed at Noah because that should be her up there with Noah

Miss Kate says the dancers being featured in this routine are Jacquie, Richelle, Paige, Michelle, Cameron, Noah, Myles and Shelby. Paige says to Noah that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with him anymore. Noah asks if they are breaking up she said yes. Noah asks if this is because Aaron she says no it's because of you. Aaron runs up to Paige and she tells him no chance ever . Noah runs away crying and says how could Paige do this to me we we're good.


  • The quartet is Richelle, Amy, Piper and Paige.
  • Noah and Paige have broken up.
  • The 8 person dance is Paige, Jacquie, Richelle, Piper, Michelle, Cameron, Aaron and Shelby.

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