Kate challenges Noah and Paige for the duet. Paige develops more anger for Noah ane he also does for Paige.


Noah and Paige are at duet rehearsal and it is going terribly they are not connecting at all there is no emotion except anger. Noah does not trust Paige so it is really effecting the dance. Miss Kate asks Noah why he isn't connecting in the duet and he answers with Paige broke up with me. Kate says this is worse than she thought. Kate tells Noah and Paige to find a new duet partner each and Noah picks Shelby because they won't have to rehearse and Paige picks Aaron. Aaron runs up to her and hugs her Noah gets really jealous and does the same to Shelby. Shelby says does Noah like her because she doesn't feel the same way at all.

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Noah is dancing in Studio A when Shelby goes up to him and says she can't be his duet partner because she doesn't want to get herself involved with all the drama. Noah approaches Mavis and asks her if she wants to be his duet partner but she says no as Paige is one of her closest friends. He then asks Richelle and Michelle which they both say know as they have to practice a duet for a small competition that Kate is putting them in. Noah eventually asks Jacquie and she says yes because she got told that she was competing in a small competition by Noah. They practic and perfect the routine so do Aaron and Paige.

They go to compete and Jacquie walks in to find Noah, Aaron and Paige in their and then she bows out apologising to Noah as she doesn't want to hurt one of her best friends over a duet. Noah is left with no duet partner so Aaron and Paige get the duet. Noah says I will never ever forgive Paige or Jacquie for standing me up. He says he feels like he can't trust anyone at the studio anymore.

Michelle and Richelle are in Dancer Junction and they talk about the whole Paige and Noah situation and Richelle says she honestly thought they would stick it out Michelle agrees. Paige enters and she thanks Richelle and Michelle for having her back and they hug Noah walks in and asks Paige how she could do this to him. They both argue and Paige says she has done nothing but do what is best for the team she says Noah is just being selfish and acting like a child. Noah replies with your just being really really hypercritidal when you says I'm being childish you broke up with me to go out with your ex. Paige says so this is what it's about you you you it's all about you do you here yourself this is what I mean I'm glad I broke up with you. It's time I just realised that you aren't worth it. Then she walks out. Michelle says this break up is tearing the team in two and that she has know Paige for years and she won't stop till she is top and breaking through Noah is just sombeing thing that needs to be done. Richelle follows Paige out of the room and says this is not a fight it's a break up Noah needs to grow up and pull himself together or he will be of the team.

Noah dances to Jesty in Studio A and says he is going to put all the Paige stuff behind him for the good of the team. Richelle walks in when Noah is dancing when he is finished Richelle tells him that he is doing a giod job but he needs to forget about Paige and focus on his dancing and he says that that is what he is going to do.


  • Aaron and Paige now have to duet.
  • Noah and Paige no longer have to duet