A debate comes on about the challenge


A troupe do a dance to their song Amanda enters studio A. A-troupe ask her what she's doing. Amanda says she is here to audition. Emily says to her that The Next Step will not be holding auditions. Amanda says it's nessescary for the team to hold auditions. As they need twelve dancers and they only currently have 11. It also states in the nationals rules that it is 100% compulsory.

Group 1 is Riley, James, Emily, Michelle and Eldon

Group 2 is Chloe, Daniel, Giselle, West and Stephanie

Group 3 is Tiffany, Richelle, Noah, Hunter and Thalia

Group 4 is Cass, Morgan, Jake, Beth and Amanda.

After the auditions everyone meets up. Emily asks Hunter when did he learn that headslide. Hunter replies that his girlfriend Michelle tught it to him back in Madison. Emily says that Michelle is currently dating Eldon so he should probably leave her alone. Hunter says he is furious that Michelle is cheating on him and that this guy better watch out! Emily regrets telling him that. A great debate about who will bwe on A troupe comes up. While Miss Kate and the new choreographer Pheobe talk it over. It is decided that A troupe will be Emily, Michelle, Eldon, Chloe, Giselle, West, Richelle, Noah, Hunter, Thalia, Cass and Amanda. So Riley, James, Daniel, Stephanie and Tiffany got cut.

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