A-Troupe Auditions is the 2nd Episode of Season 3. And last episode of season 3.


”Lucien has taken control of the studio, He decides that A-Troupe needs some of the Elite dancers on the troupe.”


In Kate’s office, Michelle enters and asks Kate is she on the Internationals team. Lucien offers Michelle a spot on the team because she has been Miss National Soloist twice, Lucien kicks Kate and Phoebe out. Kate confesses that she need to find away to get Lucien out of the Studio.

Intro - Emily and Michelle, James and Riley, Amanda and Hunter, Giselle and Chloe, Eldon and Thalia, Daniel and West.

In Studio A, Michelle tells the dancers that Kate has been kicked out and that Lucien will be auditioning A-Troupe. Then Elite dancers enter. Max confesses that he is already on the team. Cierra says that she is nervous but she knows what to do. Then Lucien enters and says that he is holding auditions for the internationals team. Emily confesses that she is not auditioning and that Richelle and stephanie are replacing Eldon and her for a spot on the Internationals team. Michelle confesses that not everyone in this room is going to make the cut.

In Hidalgos, Eldon is sitting there wondering if he should go back or not. Thalia enters and tells him everything that has Happened. Eldon confesses that he needs to audition for his team. They enters studio A. The Elite dancers are first. Michelle confesses that some of them are good but they are not a match to their dancers. Then the next step dancers audition. Lucien says that they are better than he thought. He then says me and michelle need to go make the group of 12 dancers going to Internationals. They come out and Michelle announces the team. Michelle says “on A-Troupe we have Myself, Eldon, Giselle, Amanda, West, Max, Chloe, Noah, Shantel, Richelle, Cierra and Nick.” Thalia, Riley, James and Stephanie were cut from A-Troupe.

Later that day, Chloe and Giselle face time Kate in the office and they suggest that she got on to the internationals board. Kate confesses that she has got an idea for Internationals. Emily sits in Hidalgo's, putting her finishing touches on the dance captain diary. Since it is a secret diary between dance captains, Emily hides its as Stephanie approaches Emily and tries to explain about her injury Stephanie tells Emily about not making the team. Emily leaves and heads to studio A.

In the Music Room, Riley is dancing to let‘s go. Riley confesses that she is disappointed that she didn’t make the team. Then Thalia enters and confesses that she was part of the Internationals team and now she doesn’t know what to do. Riley asks her if she is staying. Thalia says that she is and Kate has texts her that she is starting up her own team. Meanwhile, Kate Meets Skylar, Abi, Shannon, Mackenzie, Tess and James. Kate confeeses that Lucien is going to be leaving.

Emily approaches Richelle in Studio A. She gives Richelle the dance captain diary, as she can see that Richelle will one day be dance captain. Richelle thanks Emily. Emily leaves. Then Michelle enters and confesses that Richelle is going be a great co-captain for A-Troupe. Richelle confesses that she is looking forward to be captain of the Internationals team. Later on that day, Emily dances to Coming Home. Emily confesses that she is looking forward to the future. Emily tearfully bids the studio farewell and turns off the lights before departing.


  • Richelle is now Dance Co-Captain.
  • A-Troupe contains Michelle, Eldon, Giselle, Amanda, West, Max, Chloe, Noah, Shantel, Richelle, Cierra and Nick.
  • Kate is no longer studio Owner of the next Step.