Coming Home? Is the 1st Episode of Season 3.05


A-Troupe celebrates after the win at Nationals and Internationals.


A-Troupe is dancing in Studio A reminiscing about their Absolute Dance Nationals and Internationals, all except for Emily, who's resting her knee. Despite their elation at their win, the dancers are faced with the unfortunate reality that they are being evicted from the studio.

Intro - Emily and Michelle, James and Riley, Amanda and Hunter, Giselle and Chloe, Eldon and Thalia, Daniel and West.

Later, Amanda, Michelle, Thalia, and Eldon are in the newly-renamed coffee shop, Hidalgo's, which replaced Culture Shock due to Culture Shock's bankruptcy and new ownership. Tess and Shantel approach Amanda, trying and failing to convince her to leave the studio and return to Elite. The other dancers confess that they are still wary of Amanda. Meanwhile, Emily is practicing on the ballet barre so she can try to put more pressure on her knee, when West enters. The two converse and eventually realize that they can't date, as there is too much stuff going on at the moment, but that they will still remain friends.

Later, Michelle is dancing to Lost In The Middle. Michelle confesses that they only have 11 dancers which will affect them going to Internationals. Then, Kate enters and says that Noah is part of A-Troupe replacing Daniel. Michelle is happy that Noah is on the team. Then A-Troupe enters.

Amanda is dancing alone and confesses that she feels as though she doesn't belong anywhere and that the drama keeps following her despite her newly good intentions. Shantel and Tess approach Amanda again about coming back to Elite, but Amanda refuses. Michelle, overhearing the conversation, finally trusts her. As Eldon is packing up his personal items, James approaches him about returning to the team. James tells Eldon that he will dance as hard as he can, no matter who he is up against and that Eldon needs to "grow up." The assertion causes Eldon to halt, but he merely says that he can't and leaves. James admits that it seems as though they have lost Eldon for good.

In the music room, James is doing a solo. James is thinking about Nationals and how Eldon left the team. Then Riley enters and confesses that the team is going to change. Then Hunter enters and says that he is leaving. Riley says that he was part of the nationals teamand now he is leaving It will not be the same without him at the studio.

Meanwhile, at Hidalgo's, Kate and Phoebe are waiting for the new owner of the building in order to convince them to let the team stay at the studio at least for the year so that they can practice for Internationals. Lucien shows up to meet Phoebe and Kate, revealing that he bought the building and is the owner. later,In Studio A, Kate reveals to A-Troupe that Lucien bought the building and is forcing them to merge with Elite for Internationals. Just then, Phoebe enters with a letter from the Internationals board which reveals that Internationals will be held in Miami and that there is also an exchange student program, meaning that a dancer from The Next Step can go to Sweden and a dancer will come and temporarily join The Next Step. Michelle reminds the team that they shouldn't be too excited as they might not even be able to go


  • Hunter has left the studio.
  • Eldon has left A-Troupe
  • Noah is now in A-Troupe.
  • Lucien has brought the buliding.