Miss Kate changes her mind about the competition. Thalia finds another dancer and decides Lola isn’t the right fit for dance captain.


Miss Kate is in Studio 1 and confesses how beautiful it is. Giselle greets her with a hug and says how much she has missed her. Thalia comes in and says Miss Kate you wanted me to meet here to rediscuss the terms of the dance battle. Miss Kate says that she thinks it should be like regionals where you have different categories like duets and trios. It will be extremely good practice for regionals. You will have to have a female solo, male solo, trio, duet, quartet, quintet, 10 person dance. Thalia and Giselle tell Miss Kate that is great. She says obviously 3 weeks won’t be enough so 5 weeks you have until you battle, use it wisely.

Theme Song- Paige and Flo, Noah and Liam, Piper and Amy, Michelle and Richelle, Evelyn and Jacquie, Kingston and Dylan, Zara and Lola. End pose is Kingston, Michelle, Amy, Piper, Jacquie, Flo, Paige, Noah, Liam, Richelle, Zara, Lola, Evelyn, Dylan.

Giselle calls TNS South into Studio 1 to discuss to battle and tells them she will be trying out for duets and solos. Thalia tells TNS East that she has got two more dancers Louis and Olivia they says hi and Thalia says she will be auditioning for female solo and and trios.

In TNS South the auditionees for the male solo and Dylan, Logan and Noah and for the female solo the auditionees are Paige, Flo, Richelle, Evelyn and Danielle. They all audition and Giselle says she has a tough desicion to make. The people in TNS East that audition for the trios are Amy, Lola and Jacquie. Piper, Zara and Kingston. The auditions for the female solo is Piper, Amy, Jacquie, Lola and Zara. Thalia says she has some tough descions to make. Giselle comes out and says the female solo is Paige and the male solo is Liam. Noah says that he has had it every year so it is fair to give someone else a chance. Paige and Liam hug and Giselle tells them that they need to bring it against TNS East. Noah says it looks like there is something going on between Liam and Paige but he is sure it’s nothing. Giselle says it is time for duets and Noah asks Richelle if she wants to do a duet and she says yes. Then Paige asks Noah if he wants to do a duet and he says yes. Paige says she is happy to do the duet with Noah as they haven’t spent much time together recently.

Liam confesses he has a little crush on Paige as she is really cute and a great dancer and this will be a chance to spend more time with her. Richelle says that she can’t wait to do a duet wit’s Noah as he is the best male dancer at the studio. Logan and Flo and Tyler and Evelyn also audition for the duet but Giselle says the descion was obvious that it should be Liam and Paige. They both hug and Noah says to Richelle what’s up with them and Richelle says that she doesn’t know and why is he asking her as she isn’t Paige. Noah agrees and says he will just talk to Paige. Thalia says the female solo is Jacquie and the trio is Amy, Lola and Jacquie.

Noah asks Paige what’s going on with you and Liam. Paige says she should ask the same question but about Richelle. Noah says well me and Richelle are just friends. Paige says so are me and Liam. Noah says it looks like more than that. Well Paige says that he obviously doesn’t trust her so maybe they should break up and Noah agrees as they never spend any time together and the Paige says don’t be running back because they are over they are never ever ever getting back together.


  • Noah and Paige have broken up.
  • The female solo for TNS South is Paige and for TNS East it is Jacquie.
  • The male solo and duet for TNS South is Liam and Paige and Noah.
  • The trio for TNS East is Amy, Lola and Jacquie.
  • TNS East is now Piper, Amy, Lola, Dylan, Jacquie, Kingston, Zara, Olivia and Louis.