The next step has a sleek new look and Giselle is back, but why.


All the dancers arrive in the new studio. Amy says the next step gets a fresh new Start and she can't wait. Michelle says she can't wait to get stuck into dance this year. Paige says this year is a fresh start she can feel it.

Miss Kate says that she is leaving to do a judging job in England as the next step is quite successful now. Kate says the new studio head is Giselle. Piper says she is happy because Giselle has been on a world tour and that could elevate the studio a lot. Giselle walks in and says she can't believe she is back and is the new studio head. Giselle says she will be dividing you into two group. The first group is Olivia, Piper, Chad, Alice, Flo, Evelyn, Josh, Louis, Lola and Jacquie. Giselle tells them they will not be dancing but they are welcome to join B-troupe. They all put up a fight but eventually Giselle tells them to go.

Giselle asks all the dancers to start warming up. She wants to see contempary and hip-hop not one or the other. Zara says she is so nervous to audition for A but she knows she has to do her best otherwise she won't get a spot on the team. First up is Noah, then Paige, then Amy, Richelle, Lola, Zara, Liam, Michelle, Khloe, Kendall, Thalia, Trent, Seb, Miranda, Danielle, Jordan, Tyler, Kingston, Dylan, Logan, Sophie and Mavis. Giselle says she has some tough decisions to make. Giselle comes out of her office and says the team is Paige, Noah, Amy, Richelle, Michelle, Thalia, Liam, Logan, Danielle and Tyler.

All of the dancers that got kicked out are talking about moving down to B and Thalia tells them not to give up and she is going to fight for them. She tells Giselle that she is making he biggest mistake of her life throwing away the talents of some of the dancers and Giselle says she can't tells her when she is wrong she is just a dancer I am the studio head. Thalia says things are about to change. She walks out into Studio 2 and says this is where is am I am head of TNS East bring it On Giselle. Giselle walks in and asks Thalia why she is this studio she should be in Studio 1 and Kate tells Giselle that she is starting up TNS East here and Giselle will run TNS South.

Giselle tells the rest of A-Troupe that Flo is going to be filling the 10th spot on A-Troupe also know as TNS South. The dancers that join Thalia's troupe are Evelyn, Josh, Jacquie, Lola, Kingston, Dylan, Zara and Piper. Thalia says we might be 4 dancers short and we don't have a full team yet but when we do we will bring Giselle team down.


  • TNS South is Paige, Noah, Amy, Flo, Richelle, Michelle, Liam, Logan, Danielle, Tyler.
  • TNS East is Piper, Kingston, Dylan, Jacquie, Evelyn, Lola and Zara.