Amy tries to get Piper back on to the team she belongs in but will it work or will something go wrong. A new dance captains is announced and not everyone is happy. TNS South finds a new dancers but will he be any good at contempary.


Amy and Piper are in Culture Shock when Piper says she is not enjoying herself on TNS East and Amy tells her that we can try and make you are alternate for Giselle team as it is a contrast between both styles and can help you get better. Piper says let’s give it a go.

Theme song. Paige and Flo, Piper and Amy, Noah and Liam, Evelyn and Michelle, Lola and Zara, Kingston and Dylan, Richelle and Jacquie. The end pose is Dylan, Lola, Jacquie, Piper, Zara, Flo, Paige, Noah, Liam, Richelle, Amy, Evelyn, Kingston, Michelle.

Amy teaches Piper a duet and it happens to be Giselle’s choreo. They work really hard on it and they reherase for ages when Giselle walks in and when she sees Amy teaching choreo to an opposing team she is fuming and kicks Amy off the team. Piper asks if she can have the spot and Giselle says no for 1 she is not good enough and 2 how could she do that to one of her friends. Amy sees and tells Piper that their friendship is not over but she is still mad at her. They go to Thalia and ask if Amy can join the group she says yes but then tells them that Evelyn has left the team to join TNS South. Meanwhile all the dancers on TNS South are in Studio 1 and Giselle announces that the head choreographer is Chyna. Chyna says she is excited to be back and Woking with this new team. Thalia tells her group that their new head choreographer is Daniel and Amy says he is really excited to work for Daniel but Zara says that Daniel has less training than Chyna . TNS Souths dance captain is announced as Paige again. Richelle says she is happy for Paige. TNS Easts dance captain is Lola a lot of the dancers question this descion but Thalia says it is right.

Thalia goes to Giselle's office to discuss the email they got from Miss Kate saying that the battle is in 3 weeks and it requires 10 dancers but only 7 dancers will be performing if you don’t have 10 dancers you can’t perform and the other team automaticly wins. Thalia says she needs to find 3 dancers quite soon. Whilst Thalia is their she asks Giselle why she cut Amy and Giselle tells Thalia if she must no which she doesn’t but it was because she was not committed. Giselle welcomes Evelyn and tells TNS South that she is a acro dancer. Thalia introduces Amy and tells TNS East that she is an acro dancers and she got cut from TNS South and that Evelyn left to join TNS South. Lola says that Evelyn is a traitor and they are going to beat TNS South to bits. Paige says that they will easily win against TNS East as have you seen the dancers not very good if they cant make the proper A-Troupe.


  • TNS South consists of Paige, Noah, Evelyn, Richelle, Logan, Danielle, Tyler, Flo, Evelyn and Liam
  • TNS East is Piper, Amy, Lola, Kingston, Dylan, Jacquie and Zara.