Season 5 of The Next Step premiered on April 21, 2017.


"Season Five says goodbye to A-Troupe and creates two new troupes TNS East and TNS West. Friendships and relationships are tested when the troupe splits up. The Next Step will be changing from the way that things always used to happen, and the key question for this season is: can the studio recover from their Regionals loss, and adjust to all the new changes happening to the studio?"





Season 5.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Amanda riley michelle season 4
"The New Regime" April 21, 2017
Two long term A-Troupe members leave the studio, while Riley questions her place at the studio.
Riley season 4
"Just Reunite" April 24, 2017
LaTroy and Sloane make a unexpected arrival. Riley makes a shocking decision, but starts to regret it.
Skylar zara tyler piper henry amy lola season 5 tnr promo
"Let's Battle" May 6, 2017
Riley says goodbye, while Emily holds the A-Troupe auditions. Michelle competes for the opportunity of a lifetime.
Piper season 4 tgbtm 3
"Restart" May 21, 2017
Kate returns to the studio, and plans on building an extension to The Next Step.
Kmky promotional image
"All Change for A-Troupe" May 22, 2017
Emily and Michelle hold auditions for TNS East and West, but the result means friends must become enemies.
Noah richelle season 5 iafg promo
"East vs West" May 23, 2017
Amanda returns to help Noah grow closer to Richelle. TNS East go head to head with TNS West.
Latroy Sloane season 4 episode 19 2
"Love Problems" May 28, 2017
LaTroy takes him and Sloane being on rival teams the wrong way. Richelle and Noah grow closer together. Emily and Michelle hold auditions for the upcoming trio competition.
Riley michelle tos cs 2
"Cierra and Skylar's New Studio" May 31, 2017
Kingston lola season 5b
"Competition Time" October 15, 2017
TNS West and TNS East learn they may have to work together to be the best. Cierra is forced to compete against Skylar to make it into her studio.
Amy piper dlah
"Take It to the Top" October 21, 2017
The Next Step competes at "Ready for Regionals?". Jacquie notices how much Henry has changed over the years. Amy tries to fix her friendship with Piper.

Season 5.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Piper elliot season 5 promo
"The Next Step: This Is the End" November 20, 2017
TNS East battle against TNS West for a chance to represent The Next Step at Regionals. Elliot tries to convince Piper not to consider him as an alternate. Richelle discovers one of Heather's biggest secrets.
Richelle ozzy off season cor
"Top of the World" December 9, 2017
East and West merge back together to form A-Troupe, but when there are 13 dancers and only 12 places, a dancer will be disappointed. Richelle befriends Ozzy and learns how great of a dancer he really is. Piper discovers a secret about Josh.
TNS West emw promo
"Stand and Deliver" December 28, 2017
Piper and Richelle compete to become Dance Captain of the newly merged A-Troupe. Josh tries to get even closer to Piper. LaTroy and Sloane attempt to build back what they have lost.
Screenshot (103)
"Nothing Matters More Than Winning" August 7, 2018
Ozzy helps Richelle get over her Dance Captian loss. All of TNS' dancers audition for a featured duet at Regionals.
149 "You Can't Mix Dance With Personal"