"All Change for A-Troupe!" is the fifth episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on May 22, 2017


Emily and Michelle hold auditions for TNS East and West, but the result means friends must become enemies.


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Piper looks on confidently.

Piper in in Studio West preparing for the auditions, she confesses this is her last chance and if she fails she may never be able to dance at The Next Step again. Michelle walks in and says that Piper is more mature now, and she will dance the best she has ever danced.

Emily and Michelle announce that they will be trios, and first up is Richelle, Sloane, Amy, then LaTroy, Noah, Henry, then Lola, Kingston, Jacquie, then Elliot, Heather, Ozzy, then Josh and Piper, Michelle and Emily enter the office to discuss the results.

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Piper and Josh conclude their duet.

Jacquie approaches Henry in Neutral Grounds, and apologizes to him about sixth grade. Henry forgives her, and Jacquie goes onto say that her new boyfriend bullied her, and she missed Henry. Henry asks Jacquie if they are back together and Jacquie says yes. Henry, over the moon, rushes to tell his friends.

Michelle and Emily are in Emily's office, discussing the results, Emily grabs Piper's card and throws it away in the trash. Michelle, angered with Emily, picks it up and places it on her side. Michelle confesses that Piper tried hard and she deserves to dance at The Next Step.

Emily and Michelle enter Studio East to reveal the results. Emily reveals on her troupe is: Richelle, Sloane, Amy, Noah, Lola, Jacquie, Henry. Michelle reveals on her troupe is: LaTroy, Kingston, Elliot, Heather, Ozzy, Josh, Piper.

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Piper excitedly reacts to making TNS West.

LaTroy and Sloane are in Neutral Grounds, worrying about the next chapter in their relationship due to being on rival teams. LaTroy says that this is bad.





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