"Cierra and Skylar's New Studio" is the eighth episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on May 31, 2017.


Cierra and Skylar search for a new studio. Michelle invites West, Riley and James to help the trio. The chosen trio's from TNS East and TNS West go head to head.


Skylar cierra season 4 wttj

Skylar listens to Cierra.

Michelle and Emily are in Studio East, approaching each other. Emily suggests that each trio has an hour to rehearse, in which both all agree to.

Cierra and Skylar are in Neutral Grounds. Cierra tells Skylar that they need to consider looking for a new studio. Skylar confesses that moving on from The Next Step will be hard, but she is excited for the future.

Riley and Michelle are in Neutral Grounds, when Michelle asks Riley to help Kingston, LaTroy and Piper improve their trio, Riley confesses that since she resigned as Studio Head, The Next Step has changed a lot. Riley tells Michelle that she would be happy to help her troupe and asks if West and James could help to. Michelle replies by saying the more the merrier.

Riley michelle tos cs 3

Michelle speaks to Riley.

Emily catches Riley leaving Studio West and approaches her. Emily asks Riley what she is doing back at The Next Step. Riley tells Emily that Michelle asked her to help TNS West out, making Emily furious. Emily tells Riley she should be rooting for TNS East not West and angrily walks off.

Cierra tells Skylar about a studio Oberhauser Dance Academy, and Skylar tells her that they competed at the qualifier and lost. Skylar tells Cierra about a studio called Dance Extreme, Cierra searches up the studio and finds out that they have won Internationals three times, it also says that auditions are today, so they rush off to get there in time.

Riley finds West and James and tells them that Michelle wants them to help out at the studio. West tells Riley that he's in. James says that he will go to help Michelle.

Gwym michelle says they will take them down

Michelle confesses that Riley's idea is great.

Michelle tells Piper, LaTroy and Kingston that she has hired some dancers to help them out. Piper confesses that she is excited to meet the dancers that Michelle chose. Suddenly, Riley, James and West enter the room. LaTroy confesses that James and West won the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza, meaning they are the best hip-hop dancers in the world. Kingston confesses that Riley is the former Studio Head of The Next Step, so he is excited to work with her.

Emily is in Studio East watching Richelle, Noah and Lola rehearse their trio. Richelle confesses that she is confident in her trio and they will win. Emily confesses that if this trio loses, TNS East will be known as the underdogs.

Cierra and Skylar arrive at the studio, and approach the Studio Head. They ask her if they can audition and she says yes. Skylar excitedly confesses that is overjoyed to have a fresh start with Cierra.

Skylar s4 episode 29

Skylar prepares for her audition.

Riley is in Studio West with Piper helping her with some acro. Piper confesses that she can't do acro, so Michelle asked Riley to help her out. James is with Kingston teaching him some basic hip-hop moves, and West is with LaTroy teaching him some technical moves. Michelle departs her office and tells the three to put what they learnt together. As they perform, Michelle confesses that Riley, West and James did their job.

The auditions are beginning and as the original members from the studio dance, Cierra confesses that they are amazing but she can do better. When it is her turn, Cierra performs an amazing audition, and then it's Skylar's turn, she is cheered on by everyone, making Cierra jealous. After the auditions, the Studio Head walks in the office the decide who's made it.

Richelle season 5 episode 17 promo

Richelle looks on at the winning members of TNS West.

Emily, Richelle, Noah and Lola enter Studio West and sit down. Riley announces that Emily's trio will perform first. Richelle confesses that this is the moment of truth. Michelle confesses that Emily has made too many rules and it is effecting their dancing. Michelle's trio begin to perform, Riley confesses that it is the best dance that The Next Step has ever seen. Emily, Michelle, Riley, James and West enter Michelle's office to discuss the results. Emily suggests that her trio should win because they are more clean and sharp, but Michelle suggests a vote. Michelle, West, James and Riley vote for TNS West, meaning they won on majority. The five depart the office to reveal the results, with Emily near tears. Michelle reveals that TNS West is the winner. Emily runs out of the room in tears, followed by Richelle, Noah and Lola. Richelle confesses that this is a joke.

The Studio Head pins up the list of the dancers who made it. Cierra, Skylar and the other dancers all run towards the list. Skylar makes it, but Cierra doesn't. Cierra confesses that she is dissapointed in herself.






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