"Competition Time" is the ninth episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on October 15, 2017.


TNS West and TNS East learn that may have to work together to be the best. Cierra is forced to compete against Skylar to make into her studio.


Michelle gwym

Michelle dances.

Michelle is dancing in Studio West, she confesses that when she joined The Next Step, TNS East and TNS West were just A-Troupe. As she dances, Emily enters and confesses that she is coming for Michelle. When Michelle finishes, Emily warns her that TNS East is coming for her.

Emily gathered TNS East together, and tells them that to win Regionals they are going to need a Dance Captain. Amy confesses that she would like to attempt to take the team to victory. Emily reveals that Richelle is the Dance Captain. Emily confesses that Richelle started in J-Troupe and worked up to A-Troupe.

Dlh richelle asks emily if she is serious

Richelle is announced Dance Captain of TNS East.

Skylar is in the middle of a rehearsal when Cierra enters. Cierra shouts at Skylar and claims that Skylar gets everything. The Studio Head says that Cierra and Skylar should battle to make the team.

TNS East waltz into Studio West and demand a re-match. Piper claims that TNS West won the trio competition and are competing at "Ready for Regionals?". Michelle confesses that she has a trick up her sleeve. Michelle stands aside and watches the dancers argue. Just then, Kate enters and quickly ends the dancers feud.

While Skylar rehearses her solo, Cierra approaches her tries to comfort her but Skylar walks away and confesses that if Cierra wants to make the team then she needs to enter competition mode.

Screenshot (5034)

Piper cries in Talking Heads after Kate takes her off the final trio.

Kate confesses that she will decide the final trio and it will be merged between both teams, Piper and Richelle disagree with Kate's decision, and that shortly sparks a fight between the two Dance Captains. Kate is shocked with their immature behavior and consequently takes both of them of the final trio. Richelle and Piper glare at each other and part separate ways.

Skylar performs her solo as Cierra enters. Cierra confesses Skylar has improved in her dancing so much. Skylar finishes her solo and approaches Cierra. Skylar gives Cierra an intimidating speech, just as the Studio Head enters. Skylar confesses that the battle is about to begin.

Kate decides that LaTroy, Lola and Kingston should freestyle a trio together. The three begin to perform, during their dance Piper and Richelle look on disappointingly. Kate is amazed by their performance, and gives them the final trio. Piper cries and runs out of the studio.

Tnr skylar talks about riley

Skylar confesses that she is a better dancer than Cierra.

Skylar is first to perform her solo and performs the best solo she has ever done. Although, when Cierra performs, she messes up. The Studio Head deems Skylar the winner and Cierra exits the studio.





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