Riley: I want to step down as Studio Head and I was wondering if you wanted to take on the role.
Emily: You are making a huge mistake, but hand over the office, I am the new Studio Head.
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Just Reunite is the second episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on April 24, 2017 in the UK.


LaTroy and Sloane make an unexpected arrival. Riley makes a shocking decision, but starts to regret it.


Riley tells James that she is considering stepping down as studio head, and James replies to her by saying that whatever she wants to do, is the correct answer. Riley confesses that she needs to do what is best for the team.

Noah is dancing in Studio A to "Oxygen" and confesses that he has not been focused on dance ever since Amanda left. Richelle enters the room and confesses that Noah is amazing. After Noah finishes, Richelle tells him that she needs someone to go to a prom night with her, and that she chose him. Noah accepts and confesses that he may have feelings for Richelle. Richelle also confesses that she likes Noah more than a friend.

Noah destructor

Noah concludes his dance.

Riley has decided to step down as studio head, and she is breaking the news to Emily. And then Emily walks into the office,

Riley emily s4

Riley watches Emily spin in her chair.

telling Riley that she made the wrong decision. Riley says that Emily can't decide her future, she offers Emily a role as studio head, in which Emily accepts to. They make a deal that Riley can stay as studio head for a week.

Piper and Cassie walk into Studio A, talking to each other about how good of a studio head that Riley is. Riley overhears the girls talking and confesses that she did not know that people thought of her that way, she grabs her phone and calls Emily after regretting her decision. Emily picks up and Riley tells her that she still wants to be studio head, but Emily declines and tells Riley that she can not always get a second chance. Riley begins to cry and hangs up on Emily.

Riley season 4 episode 26 2

Riley cries.

Henry runs into Riley's office, and tells her to come out, she walks out into finding LaTroy and Sloane standing in Studio A. Amy asks them "what are they doing here?" They say that they are their to dance on A-Troupe, which Riley says that they left. LaTroy replies with that they didn't leave, they were just unable to attend the first day of rehearsal. A-Troupe (except Amy) run up to welcome them back. Amy shouts, causing the celebration to stop, and stomps out of the room.






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