"Love Problems" is the seventh episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on May 28, 2017.


LaTroy takes him and Sloane being on rival teams the wrong way. Richelle and Noah grow closer together. Emily and Michelle hold auditions for the upcoming trio competition.


Gwym amy wonders

Amy sadly confesses that she is an alternate.

Richelle, Noah and Lola are rehearsing their duet in Studio East with Amy watching. Amy confesses that she is an alternate, so she won't be dancing at the first competition. The three conclude their trio, and Lola asks the others if they wanted to get some juices at Neutral Grounds, Noah and Richelle decline, but Amy accepts.

Sloane meets LaTroy in The Rehearsal Room, LaTroy confesses that he doesn't want to do this. Sloane sits next to him, and LaTroy tells her that they are on rival teams, and their relationship is not the same anymore. LaTroy breaks up with Sloane, causing her to scream at LaTroy, and then she angrily leaves, abandoning LaTroy.

Latroy sloane season 4 hdiyl 2

LaTroy and Sloane argue.

Noah is in Neutral Grounds, waiting for Richelle. Richelle enters and approaches him. Noah then tells Richelle that he loves her, and he wants to be with her. Richelle, who is flattered, says that she wants to be Noah to. They then kiss.

TNS West are getting ready with Elliot and Michelle watching. Kingston, LaTroy and Piper are first to perform, as they dance, Michelle confesses that they are dancing their best. Heather, Josh and Ozzy begin to perform their trio, while they are dancing, Michelle says that they not going for it. After both trio's finish, Michelle thanks the dancers and enters her office.

Emily enters Studio East, and tells the first trio to start performing, Henry, Jacquie and Sloane begin performing. Emily confesses that Henry is not really playing a part in the trio, so it is basically a duet with Sloane and Jacquie. Lola, Noah and Richelle then start performing, Lola confesses that she has made friends with Noah and Richelle, and hopes her trio wins. Emily claps the dancers.

Emily season 5 promo

Emily watches the dancers audition.

Michelle departs her office and gathers the dancers together, Michelle tells the dancers that the winning trio is Kingston, LaTroy and Piper. Emily tells her dancers that the winning trio is Noah, Lola and Richelle. Just then, Michelle and TNS West enter Studio East. Michelle confesses that it's on.




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