"Nothing Matters More Than Winning" is the fourteenth episode of Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on August 7, 2018.


Ozzy helps Richelle get over her Dance Captian loss. All of TNS' dancers audition for a featured duet at Regionals.


Ozzy approaches a heartbroken Richelle, who is sobbing on the floor, Ozzy comforts Richelle and asks her what is wrong and why she is crying. Richelle tells him that she has just lost the thing that she has been working her whole dance life. Richelle confesses that she has worked her whole dance life to be Dance Captain and she also adds that when she was in J-Troupe she always wanted to be Dance Captain and when she finally got it, it got taken away from her straight afterwards. Ozzy confesses that he feels Richelle's pain and is going to do something to help her out.

Emily and Michelle are beginning rehearsals in Studio 1, when they notice that Richelle and Ozzy are missing. Emily confesses that she knows that Richelle is upset about losing Dance Captain, but skipping rehearsal is extremely low for her. All of a sudden, Richelle and Ozzy come running into Studio 1, with them both apologizing for their lateness. Richelle confesses that Ozzy told her to go for all the featured dances at Regionals, so she can still be an important member of A-TroupePiper reveals that today all of the dancers will be auditioning for a featured duet at Regionals and tells A-Troupe to get into pairs. Noah asks Richelle to be his partner, but Richelle declines and goes with Ozzy instead. Richelle confesses that Noah didn't care about her when she lost her captaincy so why care now. Jacquie paris up with Henry, Piper paris up with Noah, Lola pairs up with Kingston, LaTroy paris up with Sloane and Amy pairs up with Heather

Noah and Piper reherase their duet with Noah confessing that he didn't know why Richelle rejected his offer to be duet partners adding to his point that he is her boyfriend. Noah asks Piper if he was her first choice duet partner and Piper confesses that she dosen't want Noah to know about her relationship with Josh because they agreed to keep it on the down low so she just replied to Noah by saying yes. Noah confesses that Piper is a great person and a great friend but they don't have any chemisty together and that is the key thing with a duet, and he has chemistry with Richelle but she wanted to partner up with a random boy. Meanwhile, Richelle and Ozzy are rehearsing their duet and Richelle confesses that she dosen't miss working with Noah and that Ozzy. Ozzy confesses that Richelle is an amazing dancer and they really need to win that feautred duet at Regionals.

Jacquie and Henry are sitting in Neutral Grounds, talking about their duet concept. Jacquie confesses that is a little awkward being with Henry as they have been broken up for years but feels that they are getting stronger. Henry confesses that his relationship with Jacquie is going all good and that he dosen't want that to change for the worst. Lola and Kingston come in to order a drink saying to eachother about how great their duet is going and that they are ready to perform and win. Lola confesses that her and Kingston's dance styles are the opposite of compatible, but a mash-up of those two styles just makes the dance so much better. Kingston confesses he thinks that he and Lola could be good friends.

LaTroy and Sloane are in Studio 2 rehearsing their duet when Sloane suggests that they put some contemporary in their dance as their is a section in their music to do it. LaTroy tells her that he can't do contemporary, although, Sloane reminds him that Amy taught him some contemporary. LaTroy adds that he has been forgetting about Amy since they broke up and that means forgetting about their memories together, which means forgetting about the dance, which means forgetting about the contemporary moves that they learned. Sloane says that's okay as he is forgetting about Amy and that she has some contempoary moves that she could teaches him. Sloane confesses that she thinks that the dance is going to be good.

Amy and Heather are rehearsing thier duet in Studio 1. Amy confesses that the dance is very acro heavy as that is what showcases her and Heather's best skills. Heather suggests that they should put a hip-hop section to the dance and Amy agrees. Heather confesses that adding a hip-hop section would impress Michelle and Emily as that is the complete opposite of their normal dance styles. Amy confesses that she thinks that the hip-hop section would be really good for the dance and could give them the win for the featured duet at Regionals. Amy tells Heather that she has been choeregraphing a hip-hop routine to use and now could be the perfect time to use it and Heather agrees to learn Amy's hip-hop section.

Emily and Michelle are talking in their office about how important the featured duet at Regionals is and that dancers need to work really hard for it. Michelle confesses that all of the dancers really want to have a featured dance at Regionals so there will be a lot of competition going on around the studio. Emily confesses that The Next Step losing Regionals was a massive shock for the whole studio as they had just won Internationals and the studio went into a massive shock mode so it is really important that they chose the best chances to be featured at Regionals because they can't lose again. Emily tells Michelle that they should go and see the duet and Michelle confesses that she is excited.

Michelle and Emily call all of the dancers to Studio 1 to see their duets and first to perform is Amy and Heather. As Amy and Heather begin performing Amy confesses that she is excited to show Emily and Michelle the hip-hop section. When they get to the hip-hop section, Heather confesses that she feels really good about the dance and that she thinks that Emily and Michelle will like it. Michelle confesses that Amy and Heather and not hip-hop dancers so it is good to see that side of them. Amy and Heather conclude their duet and get an applause from the whole team. Lola and Kingston are next to perfrom their duet and it is based on a girl who rides a hoverboard for the first time. Emily confesses that she had never thought of Lola being intrested in hoverboards before.

Next to perform their duet was Sloane and LaTroy and when Amy sees them put the contempoary combo that she taught him she feels down that he is doing it with Sloane now. Emily confesses that that all of the dancers are pulling out new styles so she can tell that they all really want it badly. LaTroy and Sloane keep dancing with Sloane stating that this is the best that she has ever danced and that it is the best that she has ever seen LaTroy dance. LaTroy confesses that he can feel the fire from the dance. Emily and Michelle say that up next to pefrom are Piper and Noah.

Piper and Noah begin performing and Piper confesses that she is Dance Captain so the team would think that she was kind of selfish to take the duet as well but Noah wants it badly so she is going to dance her best. Noah confesses that he wishes he was dancing with Richelle, but he wants to win to make her jealous. Piper and Noah conclude their performance and Richelle and Ozzy take the floor. Richelle and Ozzy begin performing and Richelle confesses that she needs this duet as she lost Dance Captain. Ozzy said that he feels great dancing with Richelle as they have made a best friendship. Richelle confesses that she considers Ozzy as a best friend as he helped through so much. Richelle and Ozzy conclude their duet and share a hug. Michelle and Emily confess how good evreyone's duets were.

A-Troupe gathers togethers to find out who won the duet competition but just as Michelle opens her mouth, Elliot and Skylar walk in and inturrupt Michelle's speech. Elliot tells the troupe that they have won the duet and that they will crush The Next Step at Regionals and Richelle steps foward as Elliot stares her down and demands to know why Elliot and Skylar are there. Skylar tells her that they are the new Co-Captains at Dance Extreme. Emily and Michelle look on schockingly. Richelle gives them a dirty look a steps away while Elliot and Skylar smirk at eachother. Richelle confesses that The Next Step will destory Dance Extreme at Regionals or this could be the end.






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