Restart is the fourth episode of Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on May 21, 2017.


Kate returns to the studio, and plans on building an extension to The Next Step.


Kate emily off season mkns 2

Kate and Emily hug.

Emily is doing paperwork in her office, when Kate enters, and questions why is she there and where is Riley. Emily replies to her by saying that after losing Regionals, Riley left The Next Step, and she gave the role as studio head to her. Kate says that she needs to talk to Emily.

Kate tells Emily that she is planning on building a new room on the east side of the building, and there will be auditions for a new troupe, and Michelle will be head of that troupe. Emily is mortified by the decision, and asks Kate what about her. Kate says that there will be two troupes and that she will be head of the other. In Talking Heads, Kate states that Emily's troupe will be called TNS East, and Michelle's will be called TNS West. Therefore, taking A-Troupe out of use.

Gwym kate tells michelle and emily about their troupes

Kate speaks to Emily and Michelle.

Michelle is in Neutral Grounds, when she is approached by Kate. Kate offers her the opportunity to be head of TNS West, leaving Michelle confused. Kate explains the situation to her and Michelle excitedly accepts. Michelle also says that is her second chance to shine.

Kate gathers Emily, Michelle and A-Troupe together, and tells them about the upcoming change, and tells them that only seven dancers will be on each team, she also says that some new dancers will trying out so not all of the dancers in the room will make the cut. Richelle confesses that it is ridiculous that the new A-Troupe has to re-audition.

Gwym piper feels better

Piper confesses that The Zero Percent Club is over and she is ready to get back on top.

Piper is watching LaTroy perform his 'Goodbye Studio A' dance, she says in Talking Heads that she and LaTroy are just dancing in Studio A for the last time. Michelle comes rushing in and tells them that there are two new troupes and they can re-audition. Piper and LaTroy are overjoyed and Piper confesses that her nerves are at 0% and that The 0% Club is over.


  • Kate has appeared for the first time since "Welcome to the Jungle"
  • A-Troupe is no longer a troupe.
  • Two new troupes called TNS East and TNS West have been created.
  • Emily is head of TNS East.
  • Michelle is head of TNS West.
  • Cassie is no longer a member of A-Troupe or The Next Step Dance Studio.
  • The 0% Club is disbanded.




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