"Stand and Deliver" is the thirteenth episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on December 28, 2017.


Piper and Richelle compete to become Dance Captain of the newly merged A-Troupe. Josh tries to get even closer to Piper. LaTroy and Sloane attempt to build back what they have lost.


Emily and Michelle are talking in their office about weather to only have one Dance Captain or to have Co-Captains. Michelle says that they could have a team dance off and the best team wins. Emily agrees to the idea and suggest the Captains could choreograph a dance for them and there team to showcase and then her and Michelle can decide the victor. Michelle confesses that it's going to be a good competition.

Emily and Michelle exit their office reveal to the troupe about the Dance Captain poll. After the Studio Heads made their announcement, Piper and Richelle glanced at each other. Piper confesses that Richelle is determined and a tough competitor but she is not going to step down without a fight. Richelle confesses that she is going to do whatever it takes to keep her title as Dance Captain.

Piper and Amy are talking about the Dance Captain poll in the locker room. Piper says that she is nervous to compete against Richelle for Dance Captain. Amy tells Piper that all she has to do is choreograph an amazing dance that will beat Richelle. Piper tells Amy that she hopes that she is on her team. Piper gets a text and immediately tells Amy that she has to leave, Amy is confused and asks Piper who the text is. Piper confesses that the text is from Josh telling her to meet him in Neutral Grounds, but she doesn't want Amy to know about her feelings for Josh. Piper lies and tells Amy that it from her mom telling her to meet her in the car to pick something up. Piper rushes out of the room and Amy confesses that Piper is definitely hiding something from her and she needs to get to the bottom of what it is.

Piper enters Neutral Grounds and finds Josh sitting down, Piper approaches him and Josh greets her. Piper asks Josh why he wanted her to meet him. Josh tells Piper that is about their relationship and Piper confesses that if she is to focused on her relationship with Josh then she will not be focused on the Dance Captain poll and will lose to Richelle. Piper interrupts Josh and tells him she would love to talk about their relationship but she has to focus on her captaincy as they are holding a vote for the best Dance Captain on A-Troupe but will definitely meet him later. Josh accepts to meet Piper and she leaves. Josh confesses that every time he tries to grow closer to Piper she runs away so maybe they can talk properly later.

Piper enters Studio 1 for the team reveal confessing that she hopes her team can beat Richelle's. Amy confesses that she followed Piper to the café but her mom told her to meet her at the car so something is definitely going on. Amy approaches Piper and tells her that she saw her leaving Neutral Grounds and wondered why she wasn't at the car. Piper lies that her mom changed her mind and wanted to meet her at Neutral Grounds. Piper confesses that she thinks that Amy is spying on her, and if she is then it is not good. Emily and Michelle exit their office to reveal the teams. Emily reveals that on Richelle's team is Amy, Lola, Kingston and Jacquie. Richelle confesses that she is confident in her team. Michelle reveals that on Piper's team is Noah, Henry, Heather and Ozzy. Richelle expresses her concern about LaTroy and Sloane not being included in the poll. Emily says that her and Michelle thought it would be better if they did a quintet and got the team used to having alternates. Sloane runs out of the room confessing that she is an alternate for a captaincy poll and that it is not fair. LaTroy confesses that there are 12 people on the team so why not just 6 on each team as it's common knowledge then LaTroy exits the studio.

LaTroy enters Neutral Grounds to find Sloane crying, LaTroy approaches Sloane and as she gets up to leave, LaTroy convinces her to stay. Sloane confesses that she hasn't even said one word to LaTroy since there break up and she was hoping that it would stay that way. Sloane angrily confronts LaTroy by saying that he broke up with her for a stupid reason and LaTroy interrupts her by saying that if he didn't break up with her then they would have got into a serious argument because they were on rival teams. LaTroy confesses that Sloane doesn't understand that East and West would have ended their relationship anyway. Sloane confesses that she didn't understand why LaTroy broke up with her at first, but now she finally understand why: because LaTroy wanted to save our history as friends and make sure we stay friends in the future. Sloane sits down and tells LaTroy that now she understands fully why he did what he did and asks if they can resume there status as best friends. LaTroy accepts her request and the two share a hug. LaTroy confesses that it feels great to be best friends with Sloane again.

Richelle and her team and rehearsing in Studio 1. Richelle confesses that if she loses the Dance Captain title then it will be devastating as she has wanted to be captain since she first came to The Next Step and now she has it, she can't lose it. Kingston confesses that Richelle has been making the rehearse for a very long time. Jacquie confesses that Richelle would make the perfect Dance Captain as she is determined and focused. Richelle confesses that she needs to win this. Piper and her team are rehearsing in Studio 2. Piper confesses that being Dance Captain means everything to her. Noah confesses that Piper is a fun and free person but Richelle is his girlfriend so it really hard to compete against his girlfriend and potentially take away the thing she worked her whole dance life for. Henry confesses that Piper is an amazing Dance Captain and he hopes that she wins the title. Piper confesses that she needs to beat Richelle and keep her position as Dance Captain.

Emily and Michelle enter Studio 1 and asks to see Richelle's team perform. Richelle confesses that her captaincy lies on this dance. Richelle's team begin to perform, and as they perform Michelle performs that the dance is great but Richelle is only showcasing herself and Emily confesses that in order to be Dance Captain you have to showcase the whole troupe. Lola confesses that she loves performing Richelle's dance and thinks that it will win her Dance Captain. Jacquie confesses that Richelle has got Dance Captain in the bag. When the team conclude their dance, Emily and Michelle clap and exit the studio and Richelle confesses that she hopes that was enough. Next, Emily and Michelle enter Studio 2 to see Piper's team perform. When the team being to perform, Noah confesses that he is going to dance his best for Piper, but also really wants Richelle to win. Michelle confesses that picked Piper to be Dance Captain for TNS West for a reason and her performance shows it. Emily confesses that see Piper and her team perform really makes her regret cutting her from A-Troupe at the first auditions. Heather confesses that she is giving it her all for Piper. Michelle and Emily again clap the team and enter their office to decide the results.

Josh confesses that Piper texted him to meet him in Neutral Grounds. Piper sees Josh and calls him over, Josh approaches Piper and sits next to her. Piper asks Josh what he wanted to tell her. Josh confesses that this is his chance to ask Piper out. Josh tells Piper that he loves her and they have admitted their feelings, so he wants to know what is next in their relationship. Piper smiles at Josh and says that she loves him too she guesses that the next step in their relationship is to start dating. Josh and Piper hug and Josh confesses that her and Piper would finally date. Piper confesses that never felt the way she does about Josh about any boy before.

Both teams are in Studio 1 with Piper and Richelle nervously waiting for the verdict. Emily and Michelle exit their office ready to reveal the chosen Dance Captain. Piper confesses that she thinks her dance was pretty good. Richelle confesses that she has never been more nervous in her life. Emily and Michelle reveal that the new Dance Captain of A-Troupe is... Piper! Whist Piper celebrates with the troupe and Emily and Michelle. Ozzy notices Richelle who runs out of room confessing that she is no role at The Next Step anymore.

Richelle begins to dance in Studio 2 and tearfully confesses how much being Dance Captain meant to her and that she only had the title for a short amount of time and now she has lost it. Ozzy enters and watches her perform he confesses that even though he was on Piper's team, she still really wanted Richelle to be Dance Captain because he knew how much it meant to her. Richelle confesses that everybody, even Noah, chose to celebrate with Piper and they didn't care that she was upset, but Ozzy noticed and came to see if she was alright. At the end of her solo, Richelle collapses to the floor and begins to cry.





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