"Take It to the Top" is the tenth episode of Season 5. It aired on October 21, 2017. It is the Season 5.0 finale.


The Next Step compete at "Ready for Regionals?". Jacquie notices how much Henry has changed over the years. Amy tries to fix her friendship with Piper.


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Michelle confesses that Lola is really getting along with LaTroy and Kingston.

Michelle watches the trio rehearse and confesses that Lola is fitting in really well with her dancers. Just then, Emily enters and states that only the top five teams automatically qualify for Regionals.

Richelle is helping Noah and Henry with the contemporary section of the dance when Jacquie enters. Jacquie asks Henry if he wants to get a juice in Neutral Grounds but Henry politely declines and says he is hanging out with Noah.

Emily and Michelle are watching the competition when the Geminis approach them and tell them they are going to lose. Michelle screams at them and says that this year they won't even make it to Regionals.

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Amy confesses that she hasn't spoken with Piper since she left The Zero Percent Club.

Piper is performing a solo in Studio West when Amy enters. Amy confesses that Piper is an amazing dancer and they haven't spoken since she left The Zero Percent Club. Piper finishes her solo and is complimented by Amy, although, Piper exits the room ignoring Amy.

Jacquie approaches Henry in Neutral Grounds and deems him rude, Henry replies by saying that he wants to spend time with Noah as well as her as her because Noah is his best friend. Jacquie angrily asserts that she is more important to him than Noah and leaves.

Gemini Dance Studio take the stage and begin to perform, Michelle confesses that they won Internationals so they are the best studio in the world. Lola watches from the other side of the stage and confesses that they are great, but The Next Step are greater.

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Piper, trying not to look at Amy, argues with her.

Piper sits alone in Neutral Grounds when Amy enters, Amy asks Piper why she was so rude to her earlier. Piper, failing to make eye contact with Amy, replies by saying that she left The Zero Percent Club without telling her face to face and angrily leaves. Amy confesses that her and Piper may never be friends again.

The Next Step prepare to take the stage when the Geminis try to intimidate them but Lola successfully intimidates them back. The Next Step takes the stage and begins to perform, Emily confesses that Lola is dancing brilliantly. Michelle confesses that they work really well together. Lola confesses that she loves dancing with LaTroy and Kingston and wishes that she could be on the same troupe as them. The Next Step finish their trio and exit the stage.

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Jacquie confesses that she understands Henry has other friends.

Jacquie enters Studio East to find Henry sitting alone, Jacquie sits next to him. Henry states that it's not fair that he should have to stop being friends with Noah to date her. Jacquie apologizes and says that she understands now that things are different about Henry, the two hug and smile.

Lola, LaTroy and Kingston retake the stage to find out the results. Dance Inc. came first, The Next Step came second, Steps came third, Rhythm Plus came fourth and Ellafield came fifth. The Next Step cheer and run off stage, and Lola sarcastically wishes the Geminis good luck at the qualifier.

Piper approaches Amy and apologizes to her, Amy apologizes back to Piper and confesses it's good to hear Piper say she's sorry. Piper asks Amy if they can be best friends again, Amy says yes and the two hug with Amy confessing it's great to best friends with Piper again.


  • Piper and Amy are best friends again.
  • Dance Inc, The Next Step, Steps, Rhythm Plus and Ellafield have automatically qualified for Regionals.




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