Amanda to Noah

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The New Regime is the 1st episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on April 21, 2017.


Two long term A-Troupe members leave the studio, while Riley questions her place at the studio.


An uncompleted A-Troupe are dancing to "Ain't No Number Two" in Studio A. The dancers reflect on Regionals and the previous dance season, Piper says that losing Regionals was a big step back for the studio, Noah is distracted after Amanda left the studio and confesses that he needs to move on. Amy says that LaTroy and Sloane dating is really irritating her and does not know if she can dance on A-Troupe anymore. Cassie says A-Troupe is doomed. Richelle is irritated by A-Troupe's loss, but has a shot with Noah. Henry is determined to help A-Troupe win what ever is next. Riley confesses that Alfie, Amanda, Skylar, LaTroy and Sloane and Michelle have left A-Troupe.

Riley off season rd 2

Riley confesses that The Next Step is changing.

Riley meets up with Amanda and Michelle in Java Junction, and asks them why they left, Amanda refuses to look at Riley and angrily leaves, leaving Riley and Michelle. Michelle replies to Riley that she left because Miss Absolute Dance Soloist group had offered her a position with their company. Riley then asks her about Amanda in which she replies with that Amanda doesn't like her and does not want to be at The Next Step with her, so she left.

Noah meets with Amanda at the bus stop and asks her where do they stand, Amanda says in Talking Heads that she does not want to break up with Noah, but she has to. Amanda breaks up with Noah, deeply upsetting them both. Amanda's bus arrives in which she gets on and tearfully waves goodbye to Noah.

A note is on the A-Troupe board saying '0% at 5,' the scene is then cut to Piper texting her club members, she confesses that Sloane has left A-Troupe so she is not on 0% anymore. Amy replies to Piper's text and confesses that she has quit the group, confusing Piper. Cassie arrives and asks were Amy is, Piper tells her that Amy quit. Cassie tells Piper that this group is not done yet, even if it is just them two at least they have someone, cheering up Piper. Piper then confesses that Cassie is her best friend.

Piper cassie season 4 kat

Piper speaks to Cassie.

James is entering Riley's office, after she sent him a text. James asks Riley what is wrong, Riley then tells him that she is considering stepping down as studio head after Amanda is angry at her for what she did at Regionals. James confesses that Riley needs to follow her heart.






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