"The Next Step: This Is the End" is the eleventh episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on November 20, 2017. It is the Season 5.5 premiere.


TNS East battle against TNS West for a chance to represent The Next Step at Regionals. Elliot tries to convince Piper to not consider him as an alternate. Richelle discovers one of Heather's biggest secrets.


Emily is watching TNS East rehearse in Studio East, she confesses that if her troupe doesn't win then she would have let them all down. Richelle confesses that if TNS East don't win then everyone might as well just join B-Troupe.

Michelle enters Studio West and tells the troupe that since Elliot was an alternate the last time he will be one again for the battle. Elliot rudely interrupts Michelle and says that she is really underestimating him. Michelle confesses that if Elliot joins the routine then he might mess up and the team will lose. Michelle says that since Piper is Dance Captain she should make the decision and leaves. Piper confesses that Michelle has put her in a really bad position.

Richelle enters Emily's office and Emily asks her how rehearsal is going. Richelle replies by saying that the troupe is doing amazingly but they need an alternate. Richelle confesses that TNS West are having an alternate for their team and so they need to have one just to be fair. Emily confesses that Amy was their alternate for the previous competition so it only makes sense for her to be one again. Richelle agrees with Emily and says that she will break the news to her when she sees Amy in Neutral Grounds as this where Amy said that she would be. Richelle exits Emily's office with Emily smiling after her departure confessing that Richelle is a great Dance Captain.

Richelle enters Neutral Grounds and approaches Amy; Richelle tells her she will be an alternate for the dance battle causing Amy to get upset and say to Richelle that TNS East treats her horribly and it's not fair that she is always the alternate. Richelle says to Amy that she is not one of the strongest dancers on the troupe. Amy tearfully exits Neutral Grounds, confessing that she is not friends with Emily or Richelle.

Amy enters Studio West and sees Piper helping Elliot to become a better dancer. Piper notices Amy and calls a break with Elliot. Piper asks Amy why she in Studio West and Amy replies by saying that Emily and Richelle made her an alternate for the dance battle. Piper confesses that Amy is one of the best dancers on TNS East and for her to be an alternate is shocking. Piper tells Amy to ask Michelle if she can join TNS West and dance on the same troupe as her. Amy asks Piper if she has to leave TNS East and Piper replies by saying it's either being an alternate or being on TNS West. Amy says that is worth a shot.

Richelle confesses that she feels bad for having to make Amy an alternate. Heather approaches Richelle to take her order and Richelle immediately recognizes her. Heather lies and tries to convince Richelle that she is not a dancer, but Richelle doesn't believe her and asks why she is working at the café. Heather confesses that she has no choice but to tell Richelle the truth. Heather tells Richelle that her dad got fired from his job right after she competed at Regionals last year so now if she wants to dance at The Next Step she has to have a job to pay for it. Heather begs Richelle not to tell anyone and says that her secret is safe with her.

Amy and Piper enter Michelle's office and Piper explains to Michelle what happened and that Amy wants to join TNS West. Michelle willingly lets Amy join her troupe but wants to see Amy quit TNS East. Amy confesses that is payback time for Emily and Richelle.

Amy, Piper and Michelle enter Emily's office and Amy tells Emily that she will be quitting TNS East and joining TNS West. Emily tries to convince Amy to reverse her decision but is failing to do so. The three leave and Emily sadly cries by herself confessing that it is not the end.

Emily gathers together her troupe together and she tells them that Amy has joined TNS West. Richelle confesses that she thinks that she is responsible for Amy quitting the troupe but knows just what to do. Richelle tells the troupe that she has some very important business to deal with involving TNS West and victory. Richelle confesses that this is not over yet.

Piper tells Michelle that she thinks since that Amy has joined the troupe Elliot needs to be an alternate. Richelle enters the office and tells Michelle that Heather is absent because she has a job. Michelle and Piper look at Richelle and they immediately decide that Heather should be an alternate. Richelle confesses that TNS East only have six dancers so Elliot needs to be an alternate as well. Piper and Michelle agree and Richelle leaves confessing that TNS West will have so much drama to deal with that they won't win.

Michelle calls Elliot into her office and tells him that her and Piper have decided that he should be an alternate with Heather. Elliot says that that is ridiculous and that this team is using him so that they can win the dance battle and leaves the studio, leaving Piper and Michelle worried in the office.

When Heather arrives to the studio for the dance battle, Michelle tells her that she should just go back to work as she is an alternate. Heather quickly realizes that Richelle told Michelle and begins to cry. Heather confesses that she thought that she could trust Richelle with her secret and is not friends with Richelle anymore.

TNS East enter Studio West for the dance battle, Emily approaches Michelle and starts to intimidate her but Michelle quickly blocks her off. Kate enters the studio with Eldon and Thalia following, Kate announces that Eldon and Thalia will be helping her to decide the winner of the dance battle. Eldon and Thalia begin talking about who they want to win the dance battle. Eldon says that he wants TNS West to win because they have so much hip-hop skills, but Thalia says that she wants TNS East to win because they showcase a different part of the studio. Thalia confesses that Eldon is betting the wrong team to win.

Kate decides that TNS East should perform first. As they perform, Emily boasts about her troupes performance by saying that they are outstanding and unstoppable. Thalia confesses that if TNS East are chosen then they definitely win Regionals for the studio. Michelle confesses that there is no way that Emily's tam will win. Next, TNS West begin to perform, Amy confesses that dancing with TNS West feels like home. Piper confesses that it is amazing to have her best friend dancing on the same team as her. Michelle confesses that starting her own team was a great idea. Eldon confesses that Thalia should be prepared to lose. After both teams finish, Kate, Eldon and Thalia enter the office to discuss the results. Emily confesses that TNS East need to win this battle.

Kate asks Eldon and Thalia who they think should win. Eldon says that TNS West were so great and it was the type of routine they just performed that helped The Next Step win Regionals, Nationals and Internationals. Thalia says that maybe the judges want to see a different side of the studio. Kate says that both points are key. Kate confesses that if Eldon and Thalia can't agree what is she going to do. Kate says that she has a great idea, she whispers it to Eldon and Thalia who also agree on the idea.

The three depart from Michelle's office. Emily confesses that this result means everything. Michelle confesses that if her team lost, it would be devastating. Richelle confesses that everything lays in Kate's hands. Piper confesses that it is such a nerve-wracking time. Kate says that the winner is... nobody! Kate says that she thinks that creating two troupes was a bad idea and that she wants the team to have 12 dancers that will merge together to make A-Troupe again. Thalia says that they want both troupes to create a dance with the final merged A-Troupe to show them the following week. Both troupes look at each other in disbelief. Eldon says that Emily and Michelle will need to become Co-Studio Heads. Emily confesses that working with Michelle will make things ten times worse. Michelle confesses that this is not good.





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