"Top of the World" is the twelfth episode in Season 5 of The Next Step. It aired on December 9, 2017.


East and West merge back together to form A-Troupe, but when there are 13 dancers and only 12 places, a dancer will be disappointed. Richelle befriends Ozzy and learns how great of a dancer he really is. Piper discovers a secret about Josh.


Emily and Michelle announce that the two studios will be coming together again. Michelle confesses that her and Emily decided to become friends again and it was for the best. Emily says that Piper and Richelle will choreograph a routine to show Kate so she can allow them to attend Regionals.

Piper and Richelle are brainstorming ideas in Studio East about the concept for the dance. Richelle suggests that the dance starts off where half of the team play TNS East and the other TNS West, it is not until then when Piper notices and tells Richelle that TNS West had 7 members and TNS East had 6 members, which makes 13 members wanting to merge. Both captains rush of to tell the Studio Heads, Piper confesses that one dancer will not make it onto A-Troupe.

Piper and Richelle enter Emily's office and tell them that there are 13 members on A-Troupe. Michelle says that there must be between 10-12 dancers on a competitive team. Emily and Michelle put both Dance Captains in charge of choosing with member to cut from the troupe. Piper confesses that she feels like her and Richelle are under tons of pressure. Richelle confesses that the dancer they cut will hate them both.

Piper and Richelle are discussing who they should cut from the merged A-Troupe when Piper says that since her and Richelle are on the same team they should consider being friends. Richelle confesses that her and Piper's friendship hit a rock when they become Dance Captains of TNS East and TNS West, but now they are Co-Captains of A-Troupe and they need to be friends. Richelle accepts Piper's request to be friends and the two resume their friendship.

Sloane approaches Amy, wanting to talk to her, and is offended when Amy storms away from her. Amy confesses that she hate Sloane after LaTroy broke up with her to be with Sloane. Sloane confesses that it is LaTroy's fault that Amy got dumped and she of no control of LaTroy liking her more than Amy.

Piper and Richelle enter Studio West and gathers the dancers together. Richelle reveals that there are 13 dancers who are on the team and they have to cut one. Heather confesses that she is nervous considering Richelle knows she has a job and if she told Michelle then she might tell Piper as well. Piper reveals the dancer leaving the troupe is... Josh! Josh exits the room confessing that he thought he was closer to Piper than that and that hockey is the only thing he has.

Richelle explains the concept of the dance to the troupe, with help from Piper, and suggests that maybe they should get into their real troupes as Josh is gone and they will both have 6 members, which everyone agrees to. While rehearsing, Piper confesses that she misses Josh.

Piper rushes into the locker room to see Josh, looking very down. Josh confesses that he actually secretly had a crush on Piper but now he knows that she doesn't like him back. Piper tries to comfort Josh, but all he can think about is that she took the opportunity of him going to Regionals away from him. Josh tells Piper that he was starting to grow feelings for her and then she just crushed his dreams and now hockey means more to his family than dance again. Piper tells Josh that she had feelings for him but was always to scared to admit it, when Josh replies by saying why Piper kicked him out of A-Troupe. Piper says that Richelle made the decision and once she says something there is no changing her mind. Josh is just about to ask Piper a question, when she receives a text from Richelle stating that Emily and Michelle want to see the dance. Piper bids farewell to Josh and hurries back to Studio West. Josh confesses that now he know Piper likes him, he is not leaving the studio.

Piper enters Studio West to perform the dance. Ozzy approaches Richelle and asks her if he can be involved in the quintet, Richelle replies by saying that then it wouldn't be a quintet and that Ozzy is not ready for those areas in dances yet. Ozzy asks Richelle to stay behind when all the dancers have left so he can do a duet with her, Richelle accepts and confesses that she is excited what Ozzy will do in the duet. Kate enters the studio and asks if she can see the dance now. Emily and Michelle say yes happily while Michelle confesses that they don't have to worry making sure Kate sees the dance another time.

The dancers begin to dance with Richelle confessing that this is their last chance at Regionals. Kate confesses that the studio has qualified for Regionals so now she just has to decide which dancers are going. Piper confesses that while dancing all she can think about is Josh and how much they like each other. Emily says that when you put Piper and Richelle together you get one amazing, you get one incredible routine. Michelle says that she agrees. Kate adds that this year the rules state that each studio can only have one Dance Captain per team. Emily confesses that they are in trouble. Amy confesses that TNS East and TNS West is over and now they are only A-Troupe. When the dancers conclude their dance they shout A-TROUPE! Kate says that East and West was the worst thing she ever did to the studio and announces those 12 dancers officially on A-Troupe. Michelle asks if Studio East and Studio West should be renamed and Kate renames Studio East, the place A-Troupe will rehearse, Studio 1, and Studio West, the place where B-Troupe, J-Troupe and Baby Ballet will rehearse, Studio 2. The dancers celebrate that they are now one team. Emily and Michelle shake hands stating that they are Co-Studio Heads.

Ozzy and Richelle are in Studio 2 waiting to do the duet. Richelle suggests that they rehearse a duet and Ozzy says that that he already has one prepared called the 'Ozzyet' Richelle looks at him confusedly and he says it is basically where you freestyle a duet. Richelle accepts the offer and they begin to freestyle a duet. During the duet, Richelle confesses that she was wrong about Ozzy's dancing and she is really getting along with him. At the end of the dance, Ozzy and Richelle share a hug and Ozzy confesses that dancing with Richelle was the best.






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