Season 5 was filmed in December 2016 to April 2017. It aired on the 2nd April 2018. It will end sometime in May 2018.


"Season 5 welcomes big changes to the studio. Dancers are pushed to the brink. Friendships are put to the test. With Emily as the new studio head, dancers don't make the team. Old dancers can not work with Emily. Skylar returns. It’s TNS East vs TNS West. The Next Step start planning for regionals then they get a chance to go to Internationals. Will they take it or will they wait for regionals?”


White walls - Michelle says “Being on Emily’s team is amazing.” Piper says “I never thought I would make A-Troupe and Amy wouldn’t.” Lola says “me and Richelle are friends but I think I have made a bad choice.” Richelle says “I would like to be Dance Captain Of the new team.” Amy says “TNS West is where I am meant to be.” Skylar says “TNS West vs TNS East.” Emily says “it’s on.”


number episode Name      
1 A New Regime
2 A-Side
3 Go West
4 TNS East Vs TNS West
5 Everything is changing
6 Merger
7 Open Your eyes
8 Dance, Lies and Battles
9 Coming Home
10 Next Steps
11 A Exchange Dancer
12 Golden Times
13 Don't Stop
14 Internationals Is Coming
15 Arriving at Internationals
16 Show Me