"A New Regime" is the 1st episode of Season 5. 


"Old Dancers leave after they lost Regionals. A New Studio Head is announced.One A-Trouper doesn’t make the cut."


In Studio A , an uncomplete A-Troupe is dancing to Take It To The Top. Piper, Amy do a jump forward. Piper says in talking heads then her caption appears that says Contemporay Dancer "After we lost Regionals, people have left the studio like Cassie, Sloane, Alfie, Henry, Amanda and Riley." Noah says in talking heads then his caption appears that says Contemporay Dancer "We need to get to regionals again and win." Amy says in talking heads then her caption appears that says Arco Dancer "I need to work my way up in A-Troupe and maybe I could be the new soloist." Skylar says in Talking Heads Then her Caption appears and says Former Dance Captain “I have decided to leave A-Troupe.” Then Michelle says in talking heads then her caption appears that says Acting Dance Captain, "Since Skylar and Riley left I have been acting as Dance Captain, but it does feel strange without Amanda but we will be fine." Richelle says in talking heads then her caption appears that says Acro Dancer, "We need new start and since Riley left the studio and we don't who the new studio head is." Piper says in talking heads “looks like we need to start again.” Endpose is Piper, Noah, Richelle, Michelle, LaTroy and Amy.

Intro - Piper and Noah, Amy and LaTroy, Richelle and Michelle. Endpose Piper, Amy, LaTroy,Michelle, Noah and Richelle.

In Neutral Grounds, Piper and Amy are talking about the studio. Piper says "how are you?" Amy says "I'm good but I would be better if I wasn't dumped." Piper says in taking heads "Amy needs to move on from LaTroy and start focusing on making the new regionals team." Then Piper says "don't worry about that just focus on the A-Troupe Auditions." As they leave, Lola, Jacquie and Zara enter, Jacquie says "Are you two on A-Troupe?" Amy says "yes are you guys auditioning?" Zara says "yes" then in talking heads her caption appears that says B-Troupe Dancer,  "I need to make A-Troupe this year."

Emily approaches Kate in her office and gives her hugs her. Emily confesses that it's always nice to come back to the studio and relive all the memories she's made. Kate asks Emily how business school was, to which Emily tells her that it was great, and she graduated at the top of her class but is glad to be done. Kate asks Emily if she has any plans, to which Emily tells her that she would like to do something she's really passionate about but that also applies what she has learned. Emily notices a spreadsheet on Kate's desk and asks her what it's for. According to Kate, the spreadsheet outlines some of the changes Kate wishes to make to expand the studio. At this, Emily excitedly assumes that she will be painting over the chicken wall, confusing Kate since she sees nothing wrong with it. Kate replies that she will be building an upscale, modern and classy studio on the east side of the building. Kate confesses that the studio was elevating since the victory at Internationals but the recent loss at Regionals has set them back a bit. Emily picks up the colour palette and picks her favourite shade for the studio, which Kate coincidentally picked as well. Kate confesses that the new studio is just going to be the beginning of the many changes to come and that the dancers will be very surprised but it's what needs to be done for the good of the studio

In Studio A, all A-Troupe audtionees enter. Then Emily enters and says "Hi everyone I am the new studio head." Then Daniel enters and says he is the new head choreographer. Emily says in group one is Michelle, Richelle, Noah, Heather, Jacquie, Kingston, Tyler, Danielle. Then Group two is Josh, Cierra, Amy, Piper, Briana, LaTroy, Ozzy and Lola. Emily and Daniel head to the office to decide on the A-Troupe. 

Then Emily and Daniel leave the office. Emily says "if you hear your name being called out your in A-Troupe. Michelle, Lola, Noah, Danielle, Tyler, Josh, Jacquie, Richelle, Zara and the last spot goes to Piper." Piper says  in talking heads "I cannot believe i made A-Troupe and Amy Didn't." Amy says in talking heads then her caption appears and says Former A-Troupe Dancer "I cannot Believe, I didn't make the cut looks like I am going to have to tell my mom."

LaTroy notices Amy and realizes that she got cut too.It is at this time that Michelle peers from the doorway, silently listening in to the upset dancers. Amy admits to LaTroy that she has never been cut from a competitive team before. LaTroy confesses that it was not a good day and that he is going to go home, drink juice, and watch TV by consequence. Michelle amtits that they had to work hard to be on A-Troupe. Emily had made the wrong choice.

Michelle enters Emily's office, and asks to speak to speak to her. Emily agrees, so long as she now addresses her as Miss Emily. Michelle tells Emily that she thinks she made a huge mistake, cutting some of the most amazing dancers. Emily disagrees, sure that all of the amazing dancers are on the troupe. Michelle retorts that only classically trained dancers were picked, thus ignoring the hip-hop dancers and breakdancers, although Emily deems those dancers a mere hindrance. Michelle is left in even more disbelief and tells Emily she is wrong, which Emily deems disrespectful since Michelle is just a dancer while she is studio head. Michelle confesses that she is the dance captain and just not a dancer. Emily says to her to go rehrearse since she wants To be a head of the game. 


  • A-Troupe now contains Piper, Lola, Tyler, Danielle, Noah, Michelle, Richelle, Zara, Josh and Jacquie.
  • Amy and LaTroy are only ones from last years A-Troupe to be cut.
  • Amanda, Skylar, Alfie, Cassie and Henry are no Longer members of The Next Step Dance Studio.
  • Opening Sequence has removed Alfie, Skylar, Henry, Sloane, Cassie, Riley, James and Amanda.