"Arriving at Internationals" is the 15th epsiode of Season 5


"A-Troupe arrives at Internationals. An Old Friend is a co-host with Chuck Anderson."


A-Troupe arrives at Sydeny. Piper says "this is amazing." Michelle says "yes it is." (Talking Heads caption says Dance Co-Captain) "I glad to be on the Internationals Team." Amanda says to Luke "isn't this amazing." Luke says (Talking Heads caption says Ballet Dancer) "I am Nervous to dance here and I am going to rehearse a Lot to get ready for the first round." Giselle says "Guys, I go sign us in." Michelle says "Okay."

Intro- Michelle and Piper, Cierra and Noah, Luke and Jacquie, Tyler and Davis, Amanda and Kingston, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Davis, Lola, Piper, Richelle, Tyler, Michelle, Amanda, Noah, Jacquie, Kingston, Luke and Cierra.7

In Lobby, Giselle says "I have to choose a male soloist out of a hat." Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain) "we got all of out male dancers to to do a solo so if they get choosen they have a dance to do." Giselle pulls out Luke.

In The arena, The Internationals logo appears and Chuck Anderson  says "welcome to the 18th annual Internationals and my co-host Stephaine." Stephanie says "Thanks Chuck, I have been to this competion before and I am amazed how many teams are here." All 160 Teams take the stage showing who is on there team. Giselle says (Talking Heads caption says Studio Owner) "Being the Internationals stage is amazing." Luke says (Talking Heads caption Ballet Dancer) "I am representing  our team in the male solo round I need to get the 5 point advantage."  

In The Orange Room, Kingston, Tyler and Lola are rehearsing the 4 person routine since at Internationals they get a dancer then Ella enters. Ella says (Talking Heads Caption says English Dancer) "I am with the next step group and this is going to be good."

In the arena, Kyle from Stockholm Danstearter takes the stage and does an amazing routine. Luke says  (Talking Heads) "this dancer is amazing, I need to do my best if we stand a chance of getting the five point advantage." Luke takes the stage. He starts dancing to Falling Apart to show his skills as a Ballet Dancer. Noah says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) "Luke is an amazing dancer he has got this." Jacquie says (Talking Heads Caption says Arcro Dancer) "Luke is amazing he has the male solo in the bag we are going to get the five point adavantage." Luke finishes his routine. The judges make the choose. Luke is the wings waiting who is going to be the male soloists. The annoucer says "Luke from the next step." Luke says (Talking Heads caption says Ballet Dancer) "I thought i wasn't going to be Mister International soloist." 

In The orange room, Michelle is rehearing her solo. Michelle says (Talking heads caption says Dance Co-Captain) "Now that Luke has got one of the five bonus points I need to get them Myself." Giselle says "lets go." Michelle takes the stage to Showstoppa. She does an amazing routine. The judges makes their choice and teh Announcer says "Michelle from The Next Step." Chuck Says "This is the first time that a dancer from the same team for both rounds has got the advantage." Stephanie says "The rules of Internationals states that they have to use it in one go."


  • Michelle and Luke have given the team a Ten Point advantage.
  • Michelle is now Miss International Soloist.
  • Luke is Mister International Soloist.