"Coming Home" is the 9th Episode of Season 5.


"A-Troupe finds out where Internationals is going to be held. Sloane Leaves for Luther Brown."


In Studio 1, Sloane is dancing to Home. Sloane says (Talking Heads caption says Former Elite and Next Step Dancer) "I have been offered a place on tour with Luther Brown. Which means that I will be leaving A-Troupe." 

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Cierra and Noah, Jacquie and Davis, Danielle and Kingston, Tyler. Endose is Tyler, Michelle, Lola, Richelle, Danielle, Davis, Jacquie, Kingston, Piper, Noah, Tyler and Cierra.

In Studio A, The newly merged A-Troupe is reheasring then a postman enters and places an Letter on Giselle's desk. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain) "I wonder what that form says." Piper says to the troupe "that piece of paper had the internationals logo on it." Then Giselle enters the office and opens the letter. Giselle says to the troupe "Internationals is in Sydney and there is an exchange progamme." Piper says "Where's Sloane?" Giselle says "she has left the Troupe for Luther Brown." Michelle says "Does that mean we are going to hold auditions." Giselle says "yes, but only 6 can audition." 

In Neutral Grounds, Amy, Beth, Josh, Heather, Harry and Luke are waiting for giselle to call them. Michelle enters and says "Come with me." In Studio A, The auditionees enter with Michelle. Giselle says "Amy, your are going first." Amy starts dancing to Falling Behind. Amy says (Talking Heads caption says Former A-Troupe Dancer) "I really need this." She did a better routine the battles. Then Josh goes and does an very good hip hop routine to A-Side.  Then Beth does a very bad arco routine. Piper says (Talking Heads) "Beth is not A-Troupe material. She is very good for B-Troupe." Then Heather goes and does a good routine. Then Harry dances to All I Need and Noah says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporay Dancer) "This is the song me and Amanda made. I am very happy to see someone dancing to it." Then Luke goes and dances to Never Again. Luke says (Talking Head caption says New Dancer) "I have also wanted to dance at the next step but I attended Lost And Found Music Studios. I left to dance at The Next Step." Giselle says "guys looks like we have found our 12th member, congratulations." Amy leaves in disappointment

In Studio 1, Amy dances to Low and says (Talking Head caption says Former Next Step Dancer) "I am Happy for Luke but I need to leave because I feel that I don't belong." Then Pipers enters and says "You would of made the cut but Luke's routine was better. Are you leaving." Amy says "Yes because of you." Amy stroms out.

In Studio A, A-Troupe starts dancing to Empire. Piper and Cierra starts with cartwheels then Michelle enter the floor with a front flip. Piper says (Talking Heads caption says Dance Co-Captain) "We are finally going to internationals." Then Giselle enters and says "I have some news about Internationals." Michelle says "what." Giselle says "It says we need a leader and choose your captain and your one step closer to Internationals." Luke says "we have got two." Giselle says "yes and they say that only one can represent us at Internationals."

Danielle is dancing in the rehearsal room and then she falls and breaks her ankle , then Amanda enters and says “Danielle are you okay.” Danielle says (Talking Heads Caption says Internationals team member) “this could be the end of my career in dance.” Danielle says “I want you to be in A-Troupe.” Amanda texts Giselle.


  • Amy and Sloane have left the studio
  • Luke is the 12th member of the internationals team
  • Internationals is in Sydney
  • Danielle has broken her ankle and Amanda could replace her.