"Dances, Lies and Battles" is the 8th Episode of season 5.


"Elite turns up out of the blue. Riley gets A-Troupe to work on solos."


In Studio A, Giselle says in shock to Zara "Did he offer you a spot?" Zara replies "yes but i said that I am staying the studio." Then Elliot enters studio A. Michelle says (talking heads caption says Dance Co-Captain) "Why is Elliot here, I thought he was the head of Elite." Elliot says (Talking Heads caption says Elite Studio Owner) "Guess who is back." 


In Studio A, Giselle says "elliot,  my office now." Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captian) "this is not going to end well." In Giselle's Office, Giselle says "what are doing here." Elliot says "well, my dad has brought the buliding and he wants to merge." Giselle says (talking head caption says Studio Owner) "This is not good, I wonder who his dad is." Then Lucien enters. Danielle says to Michelle "Who is that?" Michelle says (Talking Head Caption says Dance Co-Captian) "Whenever lucien involed its never ever a good thing." Then Michelle says "he is the former studio owner of Elite." Piper says "what, do we stand a chance." Michelle says "don't know." 

In Giselle's Office, Lucien says "I would like to merge since I manged to get Elite to Internationals." Giselle says "did you win nationals." Elliot says "yes, we did with me on the team." Giselle says "so what, does that mean my dancers get a shot of going to internationals." Lucien says "yes but i have already chosen one person from your team." Giselle says "who" Lucien says "she is your national soloist." Giselle says "what, Michelle." Lucien says "yes." Elliot says "This is how the battles are going to go if one member of your dancers pulls out a name from the next step they have to compete against each other." Giselle says "how many do you have on your team." Elliot says "only 11." Giselle says "okay, if i get 7 out of 12 dancers on the internationals team, my team goes to internationals."

In Studio A, Giselle tells the team the news. Then Elite enters. They do a dance to Make the ground shake. Sloane says (Talking Head Caption says Elite Studio Member) "We are here to mess with the next step." LaTroy says (Talking Heads caption says Elite Studio Member) "I am going to make the Internationals team." Then elite pose. Giselle pulls out Noah as the first name to compete. Noah says (Talking heads caption says Next Step Dancer) "I am exicted but bit nervous." Then Noah draws out Henry. Henry says (Talking Heads Caption says New Elite Member) "I am not happy to be up against Noah." Henry Dances and he mess up his routine. Then Noah goes and does a great routine with flips and tricks. Giselle says "who wins." The dancers point to Noah. Noah heads to the hat to draw out the next name and he draws out Sloane. Sloane draws out LaTroy. Piper says (Talking Heads) "looks like we are going to get our very first elite member." LaTroy says (Talking Heads) "I am not going to compete against Sloane." Latroy say to Lucien "I am not competing." Lucien says "fine, Sloane wins." Sloane pulls out Richelle. Richelle pulls out Amy. Amy says "this is not good." Richelle says (Talking Heads caption says Next Step Dancer) "we are going to lose our very first next step dancer." Richelle goes first and does a very good acro routine. Amy goes and falls over. Giselle says "sorry Amy but that round goes to Richelle." 

In neutral Ground, Michelle is waiting for a text from Giselle saying who has made team. Giselle texts her saying Noah, Richelle and Sloane have made the team. Michelle says (Talking Heads caption says Dance Co-Captain) "that means we have lost Amy." 

In Studio A, Richelle draws out Piper. Then Piper draws out Heather. Piper dances. Heather dances. Lucien says "who do you think should win?" The dancers point to Piper. Piper draws Kingston. Kingston draws out Ben. Ben goes first and then Kingston goes. Kingston wins. Kingston draws out Ozzy. Ozzy draws out Davis. Davis wins. Giselle says "Okay, who has made A-Troupe please head to neutral Grounds." Danielle says (Talking Heads Caption says Next Step Dancer) "this is not going to be great." Jacquie goes up agianst Yasmine. Jacquie wins. Danielle gets drawn out and Briana. Danielle wins. The second from last they draw out Lola. Lola wins. Then the final batlle is Alfie against Cierra. Cierra wins and Tyler makes the team. Giselle says (Talking Heads Caption says Studio Owner) " We did it we are going to Internationals." The new A-Troupe celebrates. Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain) “I am glad to be going to Internationals but it isn’t the same team going to Internationals. It is going to take a time to get work.” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain)”It is amazing to be going to Internationals again. And this time I am not an alternate. We have a long road head of us.”


  • The Next Step is now going to internationals
  • The new A-Troupe is Michelle, Lola, Richelle, Danielle, Davis, Jacquie, Kingston, Piper, Noah, Tyler, Cierra and Sloane.
  • Henry, LaTroy, Heather, Briana, Alfie and Sloane joined Elite
  • Henry, LaTroy, Alfie, Amy, Ben, Heather, Ozzy, Briana and Yasmine didn't make the internationals team