"Go West" is the 3rd Episode of Season 5


"TNS West gets a full team."


In Studio A, Skylar is watching TNS West reheasre. Kingston says (talking heads caption says TNS West Dancer) "Being on TNS West is going to be hard since we only have 8 dancers we need two more otherwise we cannot go to Regionals." 

Intro - Emily and Elliot, Piper and Michelle, Noah and Jacquie, Tyler and Danielle, Josh and Zara, Richelle and Lola. Then TNS West's intro - Skylar and Cierra, Ben and Brandon, Faith and Kingston, Ozzy and Amy. Endpose is Brandon, Ben, Faith, Kingston, Ozzy, Amy, Cierra, Skylar, Emily, Michelle, Piper, Lola, Richelle, Tyler, Noah, Jacquie,Danielle, Josh, Zara and Elliot.

In Studio 1, Michelle says (talking heads caption says TNS East Dancer) "I cannot believe that this new girl can just walk in and audition." Davis says (Talking Heads caption says New Dancer) " I would like to join TNS East because I would like to audition and i would be a great fit on the team." Emily says "okay, you can audition." Davis starts dancing to Home. Davis says "I dance because there is no better feeling and I need to make the team and to go to regionals." Elliot says "(Talking Heads caption says New TNS East Dancer) "Davis is very good and she needs to be on A-Troupe." Emily says "Thank You, you can be our 12th Member of my A-Troupe." 

In Studio A, Skylar says "we need a dance captain and I have chosen Amy." Amy says (Talking Heads caption says TNS West Dance Captain) "I really needed this. This just shows me that I good enough to be on TNS West.Look out TNS East we are coming." Then Three Dancers enter, Heather, Beth and Chloe. Chloe says (Talking Heads says Former Next Step Dancer) "I really want to be part of TNS West and to go to regionals." Skylar welcomes them into the studio. Skylar says (talking heads caption says TNS West Studio Head) "Now, we have got a full team it time to face TNS East." 

In The lounge, Emily is waiting for Skylar. Then skylar enters and says "I have a full team. It's time to battle." Emily says "Yes, we will have the battle in your studio so then if we win you and your team leave the studio." Skylar says "if I win, i get two of your best dancers." Emily argees with Skylar. 

In Studio 1, TNS East is working through the routine. Emily enters and says "we need a five person routine and an eight person routine." Daniel says "Okay, I have chosen Elliot, Richelle, Michelle, Piper, Noah, Lola, Jacquie and Josh. sorry Davis, Danielle, Tyler and Zara." Emily says "doing the five person routine is Richelle, Jacquie, Lola, Michelle and Elliot." 

In Studio A, Skylar says "doing the eight person routine is Cierra, Heather, Beth, Amy, Ozzy, Kingston, Brandon and Ben. sorry Chloe and Faith, we need the best of the best." Faith leaves so she can work on their dance style. Skylar says doing the five person is Amy, Cierra, Heather, Ozzy and Ben."


  • An dance Battle is going to be held TNS East Vs TNS West
  • Chloe, Beth and Heather are now members of TNS West
  • Elliot and Davis are on TNS East
  • Amy is the dance captain of TNS West.