Golden Times is the 12th episode and is the first of season 5.5.


“Lola and Piper become close friends. A new dancer arrives, Jacquie tries to find a way to get to Internationals.”


In Studio A, A-Troupe is dancing to Empire. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain) “things have been changing here at the studio. Jacquie’s Parents are going through a divorce. She helping her dad find a place in Florida.” Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain) “we battled TNS West And Elite. there have been major changes to A-Troupe. Like Davis Going on the exchange program.” Cierra says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “I am so glad to be going to Internationals, and to be with my friends.” Lola says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “I am glad to be going to Internationals and this studio is My home.” Luke says (Talking Heads Caption says New A-Troupe Dancer) “I am glad to be on the Internationals team.” Amanda says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “My Sister Danielle got injured so that is why I am on the team.” Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Arco Dancer) “Davis went on the exchange program and she is now an alternate.” Kingston says (Talking Heads Caption says Ballet Dancer) “Internationals will be the biggest thing I have done.” Noah says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “A-Troupe this year is amazing since we are going to Internationals.” Endpose is Kingston, Noah, Lola, Richelle, Michelle, Piper, Cierra, Amanda, Tyler and Luke.

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Cierra and Noah, Luke and Jacquie, Tyler and Davis, Amanda and Kingston, Richelle and Lola. Endpose is Davis, Lola, Piper, Richelle, Tyler, Michelle, Amanda, Noah, Jacquie, Kingston, Luke and Cierra.

In Studio A, Giselle says to A-Troupe "Good job, we need to work on the spacing at the end but we are good." The Jacquie enters and says "Hi Guys." Michelle says "Are you staying?" Jacquie says "of course, Internationals comes first." Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain) "I am glad that Jacquie is staying but we have to bring her up to speed with the choreography." Lola says to Piper "Why don't we teach Jacquie the routine." Piper says "sure." Giselle says "Michelle, Amanda and Richelle, we need a trio and since Lola is helping Jacquie I need a new routine and it is up to you what it is?"

In Studio 1, Lola and Piper is teaching Jacquie the choreography. Jacquie says (Talking Heads caption says Contemporary Dancer) "This choreography is so hard but i think I will have it down by the end of the day." Lola says "Have you got it." Jacquie says "yes but I am going to carry on rehearsing so I am ready for Internationals." Piper says "Okay, we will come to see it at the end of the day." Lola and Piper leave the studio. Jacquie says (Talking Heads) "This routine is the hardest thing I am going to have to learn, but I will get there."

In Studio A, Michelle, Richelle and Amanda are working on the internationals trio. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain) "This Trio better be good otherwise we will be replaced for Internationals." Amanda says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Dance Captain) "I am amazed how much the studio has changed." Then a new dancer enters called Owen and says "do you know where Emily is?" Richelle says "sorry, Mate Emily isn't here and she will not be back until Internationals is over." Owen says (Talking Heads Caption Cassie's Brother) "I am Cassie's brother and she said that Emily worked here but looks like I am going to have to find Skylar that other studio Head." 

In Shakes and Ladders, Bartek is drinking a jucie then Riley enters and says "how are you?" Bartek says "I need to work on my solo for Internationals but due to me being here I need help." Riley says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Studio Head) "Bartek needs help and he is a friend of Eldon's so I am going to help him." Meanwhile behind them, Cierra and Skylar are talking then Owen enters and says "Skylar, is it okay if I join B-Troupe." Skylar says "Of course, Your Cassie's brother right." Then Cassie enters and says (Talking Heads caption says Former A-Troupe Dancer) "Me and Owen want to audition for B-Troupe." "Is it okay." Skylar says "okay." Cassie says (Talking Heads) “I have a long road head of me.”


  • Jacquie's parents are going through a divorce
  • Cassie and Owen are in B-Troupe
  • Lola and Piper are best friends
  • Amanda, Michelle and Richelle are the trio.