"Open Your Eyes" is the 7th Episode of Season 5.


"Riley returns to see how A-Troupe is getting on. Skylar and Emily choose the dances for regionals. Tyler is the 12th Spot of A-Troupe."


In Neutral Grounds, Michelle is sat drinking her juice and then Riley enters. They hug. Michelle says "what are you doing here?" Riley says "well, Emily has asked me to pick the dancers that dance in  the regionals routines."

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Danielle and Tyler, Amy and Kingston, Jacquie and Noah, Cierra and Ozzy, Richelle and Lola. Endpose Tyler , Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Danielle, Cierra, Kingston, Ozzy, Richelle, Amy, Piper and Lola.

In Neurtal Grounds, Josh and Zara are talking about if they stay or if they go. Josh says that he wants to stay at the studio. Zara says that she doesn't because there was only one reason to be at the studio but due to her no longer being part of a team she wats to leave. Zara says "I have to leave." Josh says "Is that because you have been in B-Troupe." Zara says (Talking Head caption says Former Next Step Dancer) "I need to tell someone about my departure and I think it needs to be Josh." Meanwhile behind them Michelle and Riley are talking about regionals. Riley says "I hear that you are dance Captain of the new regionals team." Michelle reponse is "It's because of Piper and i can give her tips of how to Captain the team. 

In Studio A, Cierra, Richelle, Lola and Danielle are dancing together then Skylar enters and says "How would you feel about being the 4 person rountine." Cierra says "we would love too." Then the rest of A-Troupe arrives with the new 12th member of the team. Emily leaves the office and says "Hi everyone, I have got two things to tell you we have qualfied for regionals since we filmed the dance that you did and sent it to the broad and we are one of the teams to be going to regionals." Piper says "what teams are going regionals?" Emily says "Gemini, Steps in Time, Elite Dance Studio, CDC, Dancezone, Encore Dance Studios and Dance Extreme." Lola says (Talking Heads caption says Former Encore Dance Captain) "I hope we do not go up against them because they will destroy us." Emily says (Talking Head Caption Says Co-Studio Head) "We need to get this right." Michelle says "what is your second thing?" Emily says "well, Meet our 12th Member, Tyler."

In Neutral grounds, Zara says to Josh "I am leaving the studio and do you want to come with me." Then Elliot enters and says "Hi how are you two doing." Josh says "we fine." Elliot says to them "how would you feel about joining Elite Dance Studio." Zara says "Okay, why me?" Elliot says "I accidentally over heard you two talking and I thought that you could be the new dance captain." Zara says (Talking Heads) "Why me, is Elliot mad." Zara says "no, I don't want to join your studio." Zara heads to studio A.

In Studio A, Emily starts annoucing the routines and who is dancing. Emily says "doing the solo is Noah." Noah says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporay dancer) "I am amazed that i am the new male soloist." Riley says "doing the Trio is Michelle, Amy and Danielle." Skylar says "the alternates for now are Richelle and Ozzy." Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption Says Alternate Dancer) "I am not happy to be alternate but I am glad to be on Team." Skylar then says "You guys can still be featured in small rountines." Emily says "doing the 4 person routine is Richelle, Lola, Piper and Cierra. Doing the eight person which is contemporary Richelle, Amy, Lola, Kingston, Noah, Michelle , Piper and Jacquie." Riley says "Then doing the ten person is Danielle, Jacquie, Amy, Lola, Kingston, Noah, Michelle, Cierra, Tyler and Piper." Emily says "if any team ties we need a duet  and we have choosen Michelle and Noah."

In Rehearsal room, Michelle is dancing to Empire. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Co-Captain) “I am glad to be the dance captain with Piper and we need to win regionals.”

A-Troupe is waiting for Emily then she enters. Then Zara enters the room  shocked. Emily says "what are you doing here?" Zara answers and says "I know who is the studio head of Elliot." Giselle says "Who" Zara says "Elliot." Giselle says (Talking Heads Caption Studio Owner) "what elliot has joined our rival team." A-Troupe is in shocked.Zara says (Talking Heads Caption says Next Step Dancer) “I happy to be at the next step and I have finally decided that I am staying.”


  • Elliot is the new studio head of Elite Dance Studio
  • Tyler is the 12th Member of A-Troupe
  • Zara is staying at The Next Step